Thank you’s

Posted by stephanie on May 29th, 2008
May 29

Thank-you to everyone who has helped to make this trip possible. The list continues to grow every day:

Michael Keegan
Sandy Stahl, Greg Swanson, and Vanderbilt’s Division of Student Life

Anja Bandas
Klint Alexander
Jen Howe
Jack Hartley

Thank you to the following sponsors:

Jean Seeger
Matt and Catherine Johnson
Jim Haynes
Eileen and Jim Dolbee
The Hamman family
Charles and Doreen Newby
Jack and Connie Hale
Alyne Claiborne
The Juresic family
The Ramsey family
The Thao family
Tammy and Dan Eilert
The Haynes family
Mary and Roland Dirks
The Kliewer-Dirks family
Frank and Nancy Mattke
John and Jane Ray
Lary and Diane Hill
Mary and Charlie Carson
Del and Evelyn Case
John and Ruth Dirks
Jim and Barbara Copeland
Randy and Sue Parker
Rick and Carol Steen
Derek Tuttle
Laverne and Lynn Heath
Joe and Lori Robertson

A special thanks to the following people for their time, help, and advice with planning the various aspects of this adventure: Stacey Worman, Siobhan Hogan, Erin Feeney, Josh Culley, Mike Petruna, Cory Wurst, Adam Greenhall, Melissa Bates, Meredith Bates, Sherif Barsoum, Jake Brewer, Jason Tan, Chris Taylor, Elliot Mitchell, and Graham Osborn.

And of course a big thanks to my wonderful family for always supporting me! Thanks Mom and Dad!