HOTSPOT: Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena


PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Determining the relationship between deforestation, mantled howler endoparisitic load, and neighboring human endoparisitic load; in order to make a case for forest protection on the basis of community health.

6-17 August 2010

Extracts from my field diary after my sophomore year at Vanderbilt


6 August 2010

Arriving in Quito

It is gone 12.30 at night, and Latin music is playing—sound of partying in the background. I sit in the fresh evening air behind la Casona de Mario. I am surrounded by potted cactus and wooden parrots. In a few minutes, I will tiptoe into a hostel room, where my unknown roomate has been sleeping since I arrived. Will, who’s posting on the Animal Behavioural website I responded to, picked me up at the airport this evening. He has just now gone to bed. We will have a long day tomorrow, travelling to Bilsa Biological Field station, where I shall be serving as field assistant and translator for his PhD project. I shall wake up and steal off to the busstop with Will at 6am, without ever meeting my sleeping roomate.

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