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Wyatt Smith, Keegan Traveling Fellow

Wyatt Smith

2010-2011 Michael B. Keegan Traveling Fellow
Vanderbilt University

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Travel Itinerary

A tentative itinerary of my travel schedule can be found below. All dates and locations are subject to change based on opportunities as they develop. If you have feedback or would like to suggest possible additions, please leave a comment on the blog!

And…in case you are curious about my current route, you can find it on the Google map below:

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July 5-14: Cape Town, South Africa
July 15-27: Garden Route and Johannesburg, South Africa
July 27-August 3: Gaborone, Botswana
August 3-August 5: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
August 5-August 10: Livingstone/Victoria Falls, Zambia
August 11-16: Lusaka, Zambia
August 17-August 22: Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, Tanzania
August 23-26: Bagamoyo, Tanzania
August 27-September 1: Nairobi, Kenya
Sep 2-6: Limuru and Masai Mara Game Park, Kenya
Sept 7-Sep 10: Nairobi, Kenya
Sep 11-26: Cairo, Egypt
Sep 27-Oct 12: Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, Israel
Oct 12-18: Amman, Jordan
Oct 18-27: Erbil/Suleimani, Iraq
Oct 28-Nov 4: Istanbul, Turkey
Nov 4-Nov 22: Nashville, TN (VU Board of Trust Meeting)
Nov 23-Dec 14: Beijing, China
Dec 14-Dec 23: Shanghai, China
Dec 23-Dec 31: Rome, Italy

2011 Tentative Plans

Salzburg, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
Warsaw, Poland

Mexico City, Mexico
Belize City, Belize
Managua, Nicaragua

Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Cuzco, Peru
Quito, Ecuador

Bogata, Colombia
Santiago, Chile
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bangkok, Thailand
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

Auckland & Wellington, New Zealand


3 comments to “Travel Itinerary”

  1. Gene Lammers Says:

    Cecilia and I am really excited about following along with your adventure

  2. Erin Smith Says:

    I have looked in vain for a key to the Google map. Do the yellow lines represent highways and the blue dotted lines railroads? Just wondering.

  3. martin felton Says:

    I have enjoyed your pieces on Botswana and Zimbabwe.Thanks for the mention!
    Good luck for the rest of your travels.
    You are welcome to contact me if you require any advce

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