In addition to the obvious recipients of my overwhelming gratitude (Michael Keegan, Dean Stahl, and the Keegan selection committee), I would like to thank my hosts through the year. This year would not have been possible without their incredible generosity. Both friends and strangers opened their homes to me, giving me a place to rest and refuel as well as gain insight to the core of my project: commuting. It was only through staying with locals that I could get a true view of the holistic effects of transportation.

Thank you for your hospitality. If I cannot repay it, I will certainly pay it forward in the years to come.

Laura – Chicago
Kathryn – Boston, MA
Susan – Boston, MA
Laura – New York City
Michelle and Kate – Washington, DC
Gitte and Johannes – Copenhagen, Denmark
Chris – Edinburgh, UK
Kate, John, Anna, and Nikki – Manchester, UK
Juhi – London, UK
Rosie and Vanessa – Brighton, UK
Abby – Oxford, UK
Nicolas – Paris, France
Erin and Martin – Geneva, Switzerland
Katrin – Zermatt, Switzerland
Felix – Zurich, Switzerland
Shivan – Istanbul, Turkey
Mustafa – Civril, Turkey
Lonyae – Abu Dhabi, UAE
Marcel and Ilona – Dubai, UAE
Vertrees – Cape Town, South Africa
Daniel – Windhoek, Namibia
Mary – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Alycia and Kartak – Mumbai, India
Medha – Mumbai, India
Kishore – Cochin, India
Liby – Idukki, India
Suravi – Chennai, India
Waqar – Singapore
Rose – Battambang, Cambodia
Joy and Ulrike – Chang Mai, Thailand
Zulfa – Jakarta, Indonesia
Siti and Maarten – Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Eugene and Eugenia – Tokyo, Japan
Toshiko – Osaka, Japan
Jas, Shiba, and Ayaan – Shanghai, China
Maggie – Hangzhou, China
Susan and Richard – Beijing, China
Jacob and Patrick – Zhuzhou, China
Christine and Kit – Hong Kong
Linda, Erin and Brian – Hawaii
Mary and Jules – Vancouver, BC
Jeff – Seattle, WA
Alex and Shianne – Portland, OR
Cynthia and Tessa – San Francisco, CA
Ruth Ann and Adolph – Los Angeles, CA
Mario and Camilo – Bogota, Colombia


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