Chicago Results

Last Friday, my team presented our project to the SISE panel of judges. Having been assigned corporate responsibility, we developed a unique labeling system for Kellogg Company products hinged on a future of transparency between consumer and corporation with regards to environmental impact. As one of our teammates had significant experience in graphic design, the finished prototype was quite polished. Using life cycle assessment of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, we identified key areas for improvement and recommended specific technologies.

Unfortunately, we placed second. While generally a satisfactory outcome, second place felt a bit disappointing, as it was a prize in name only while the first place team received $1000 for each member. The things I could have done with that money! Oh well. The winning team was quite impressive (electric cars and DOD partnership). Additionally, the SISE program is encouraging (and supposedly helping) us to present our idea to Kellogg’s, believing it to have great potential and marketability. While I may not be able to directly partake in this effort, I believe my teammates are interested in forwarding the project.

After the competition, I packed my belongings and checked out of University of Illinois at Chicago. Much to the amusement of my friends and chagrin of the hostess, I proceeded to bring my packed bag to a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of Grace Burnworth with Lonyae Thomas and Grace Suh. It was a wonderful Vanderbilt reunion. After dinner and good-byes, I met up with my mother, who was anxious to spend one last night with me before I left the US. In the morning, I would go to DC.

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