Write Yours

By Kathryn, May 14, 2012 5:36 am

Every now and then, it’s time to write yourself a pick-me-up letter. One that may never be read again, but should leave you feeling at the end of it like you helped the sun rise this morning, and you’ll help it rise tomorrow, too.

The letter should be private, lest others find your claims wild or assume you are purely narcissistic – it’s not about anyone but you, and should be held in your eyes only.

The after-effects of reading it, though, should be felt by everyone around you. Because you will exude such confidence and grace that make you unmistakably un-take-for-granted-able.

It’s more than the cliched “you are great” and less than gross exaggerations of the reality of you. It’s a letter that powerfully states your awe in and at the world.

It’s not about asking others for approval, because such praise is often superficial and short-lived, although when it is genuinely given, it is an entirely necessary boost to self-esteem.

It’s about knowing what “genuinely given” means, and taking genuinely. It’s about giving genuinely to yourself.

It’s not “because you deserve it,” it’s because of you. It’s not “because you need it,” but because only you can create it.

It doesn’t have to trace your history, but shouldn’t just focus on the you you are today – it took a lot for you to get here, after all.

It’s about remembering when, not forgetting about. It’s things only you know about you, that make you smile when you realize they are singularly tied to your being.

It’s not about comparisons or better-thans, but better-because-ofs and moments of wonderfulness.

Everyone should have one.


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