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Jennifer Williams

Email: jennifer.j.williams.1@Vanderbilt.Edu

Cohort: 2008


Jennifer Williams is a Ph.D. Candidate in Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East and a Fellow in the Theology and Practice Program at Vanderbilt University.  Her research interests include feminist interpretations and queer readings of the Bible, narrative and literary approaches to the Hebrew Bible, Jewish Wisdom Literature, Women in Ancient Israel and Ancient Southwest Asia, and the Deuteronomistic History.  Ms. Williams’ interests in practical theology and pedagogy have guided her work with high school youth and the consideration of the book of Job in light of the contemporary issue of bullying.  She is currently working on her dissertation that examines identity-formation through the construction and dissolution of families in the book of Judges and the presence of narrative ambiguity and liminality surrounding the book’s female and male characters.

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