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Sarah Sanderson-Doughty

Email: sarah.g.sanderson-doughty@Vanderbilt.Edu

Cohort: 2008


Sarah Sanderson-Doughty is a candidate for a Ph.D. in Theological Studies and an ordained Teaching Elder in the PC(USA).  She is currently working to complete a dissertation entitled “Forgive Us, as We Forgive: A Reformed Position on the Visible Holiness of the Church,” a constructive response to her concern about the divisiveness of the Christian Church, and of her own ecclesial tradition in particular. Her scholarship is indebted to her service on the PC(USA) Theological Task Force on the Peace, Unity, and Purity of the Church, on which she served from her senior year at McCormick Theological seminary through her first five years as a solo pastor in a rural congregation in Lowville, NY. She values grounding constructive theological work in both rich, historical study and active engagement in the practice of ministry, particularly ministry that calls her into sustained relationship with those who are “other” to her. In 2013-2014, she is serving as a Lily Fellow in Theological Education at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, where she will teach a class entitled “Church and Ministry: Seeking Theological Meaning Then and Now.”