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Lauren Smelser White


Cohort: 2010


I have Master’s degrees in both English and Theological Studies and am currently a second-year doctoral student in Theological Studies. At present, my work focuses on the transformation of desire in the event of Christian revelation and the self-offering activity of cruciform faith. I take particular interest in the ways that our desires show themselves and are formed in embodied quests for self-transcendence through relation to God and creation.

Academically, this work takes shape in my investigating the intersections of systematic theology, philosophy of religion, and aesthetic theory to think in depth about theological epistemology and spiritual formation. When it comes to practice, I am particularly interested in resourcing the incarnational imagination for traditionally conservative Christians working to re-vision faithful understandings of gender roles, relations with secular culture, and doctrines of religious pluralism in a late-modern milieu. 

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