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Bradley Daugherty

Email: bradley.j.daugherty@Vanderbilt.Edu

Cohort: 2007


Brad is a historian of the theology and practices of Christianity, with a focus on early Christianity and a specialization in Roman North African Christianity. A fellow in the Program in Theology and Practice and a former Lilly Faculty Fellow in Theological Education, his work and interests extend into practical theology and the pedagogy of theological education.

His research focuses on the relationship between theological commitments and lived practices in late antique Christianity, with particular emphasis on the distinctive practice of Christianity in Roman North Africa and its influence on later western Christianity. He is currently completing his dissertation, which analyzes North African and Roman Christianity in the fourth and fifth centuries to show that the relationship between the clergy and the holiness of the church in late antiquity was not only contested but also regionally diverse and to show the limits of Augustine's influence on early theologies of the church and clergy. 

Brad is also a HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) Scholar and a fellow at the Vanderbilt Institute of Digital Learning, where he studies the opportunities and challenges that online and digital learning present for theological education and for the study of religion and the humanities more broadly.


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