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The disruptions in our larger culture and economy compound the challenges facing all churches. Many clergy and lay leaders feel overwhelmed when trying to deal with these changes or to guide their congregations in new ways of being the faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Men and women in all levels of service to the church are seeking formation in new, effective forms of leadership, in theologically sound articulations of ministry and mission, and in the spiritual formation that can give them the courage and perseverance to lead in this time of crisis. The Turner Center is dedicated to bringing the best possible resources of academy and church to the task of equipping new leadership in the church.

The Turner Center offers several support programs for clergy and lay leaders, including:

  • conferences addressing specific leadership needs such as:
    • Visioning and Planning
    • The Practices of Fruitful Congregations
    • Leading amid Conflict
    • Leading the Small Membership Church
    • Dynamics and Transitions in the Medium Size Church
  • assistance or training for local church or districts to address identified needs. An outside facilitator can be brought in to work with the local group.


CTJr with D Meeks, T Laney and J Hudnut-Beumler
R to L: James Hudnut-Beumler, Doug Meeks, Cal Turner Jr. and Tom Laney

Prof. M. Douglas Meeks, Director
Email: m.douglas.meeks@Vanderbilt.Edu
Phone: 615-343-3988

Rev. J. Thomas Laney, Jr., Associate Director
Email: james.t.laney@Vanderbilt.Edu
Phone: 615-343-4073

Michelle Bukowski, Program Assistant
Phone 615-343-5447