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School of Medicine Recycling Program

In August of 2006 in Light Hall, VUMC Campaign for Awareness, Recycling, and Environmental Sustainability (CARES) medical student group started a pilot recycling program. Recycling bins were placed throughout Light Hall for the collection of paper, plastic beverage containers, and aluminum cans. With VUMC CARES spearheading the educational campaign and Daris Merriweather from School of Medicine (SOM) Environmental Services managing the waste, this new program recycled almost 44,000 pounds of material just in the first four months from Light Hall.  The program has since expanded, and large recycling bins for the collection of plastic containers (resin codes #1-7), aluminum, and paper are located throughout hallways in buildings serviced by SOM Environmental Services:

  • MCN in non-patient care areas;
  • Light Hall;
  • Eskind Biomedical Library;
  • Robinson Research Building (RRB);
  • Preston Research Building (PRB);
  • Medical Research Building III (MRB III); and
  • Medical Research Building IV (MRB IV)

Vanderbilt contracts with Cintas for confidential paper recycling.  The paper that is placed into the Cintas bins is eventually recycled after the confidential information is destroyed.  To set up a new account or schedule a service with Cintas, contact John Otis.  The existing VUMC cardboard recycling program, which has been in operation for more than a decade, resulted in the recycling of 954,000 pounds (477 tons) of cardboard in 2011.

For more information about SOM recycling, contact School of Medicine Facilities and Operations at 322-6107.