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Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital Recycling Program

Children’s Hospital Administration, Project Opportunity, and SEMO have teamed up to implement aluminum and plastic container (resin codes #1-7) recycling in many administrative offices, departmental and unit break rooms, the  Children’s Way Café and the exterior skywalk throughout Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. This recycling program, implemented in Summer 2010, supplements existing confidential paper and cardboard recycling efforts. For further information on the VCH Recycling Program, contact SEMO.

Due to patient confidentiality concerns, paper continues to be recycled through Cintas secured paper bins.  The paper that is placed into the Cintas bins is eventually recycled after the confidential information is destroyed.  To set up a new account or schedule a service with Cintas, contact John Otis.  The existing VUMC cardboard recycling program, which has been in operation for more than a decade, resulted in the recycling of 954,000 pounds (477 tons) of cardboard in 2011.