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2014 Summer Sessions at Vanderbilt

Summer Sessions

Summer Programs Abroad are offered through the Global Education Office. Please visit for updated details.

Vanderbilt-in-France 2014

Vanderbilt-in-France offers a seven-week summer session in Aix-en-Provence. The program includes beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses in language, literature, and civilization taught by Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt in France faculty members. The director and staff arrange and supervise the students’ lodging, extracurricular activities, and general welfare while they are residing in Aix or traveling as a group. There are several cultural events in Aix and a study tour of Paris, in addition to excursions to other cities in France. During the summer session, students earn seven hours of credit.

Tentative Course Offerings include: Accelerated Elementary French, Intensive Intermediate French, Grammar and Composition, Advanced Conversational French, Excursion Course, Introduction to Reading French Literature, and Literature and Culture of Provence.

All undergraduate students are eligible, including those who wish to extend their participation in the Vanderbilt in France academic year program, provided they meet the following minimum prerequisites: a satisfactory scholastic record (minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.7) and good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing.
The program runs from late May to mid-July.

The comprehensive fee for six-to-seven credit hours for 2014 are to be determined. This includes tuition, lodging, three evening meals a week in Aix, excursions (transportation, museum entrance fees, and some meals), study tour, and breakfast and another meal per day on study tour. The comprehensive fee does not include travel to and from Aix; meals outside of meal plan; passport; student visa; insurance (accident and major medical); books (about $50); or personal travel and expenses.

Applications must be returned by February 3, 2014. In addition to the application form, students must submit a brief essay, a written recommendation from a current or recent instructor in French, and a non-refundable $50 application fee. Applications cannot be processed until all materials have been received.

Completed applications should be brought in person to 115 Student Life Center, or mailed to: Global Education Office, 115 Student Life Center, 310 25th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37240. Telephone: (615) 343-3139.

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Vanderbilt in Berlin


History & Culture of Berlin

Vanderbilt University Program Director: Peggy Setje-Eilers

Borders & Crossings: German Literature & Culture from Romanticism to the Present
In this course, you will encounter many of the most exciting textual and visual contributions to German culture in texts from the 19th-21st centuries in English translation. Our focus will be borders - physical, ideological, intellectual, and metaphorical - and crossing borders, as passages to more creative or liberated states of being or as acts of transgression. You will gain insight into aesthetic and intellectual accomplishments of eventful periods in German cultural history. We will take advantage of the unique opportunity of being in Berlin to visit many sites relevant to course materials. Afternoon excursions include the Brücke Museum, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Brecht-Weigel-Museum, East Side Gallery, Stasi Museum, and the DDR Museum. The language of instruction is English. You must attend classes, actively engage in class discussions, and regularly contribute ideas to the class to do well in this course. Three typed and double-spaced response papers on specific aspects of a text (1-2 pp. each) are due on the day of the reading. Midterm and final take-home essays.


CREDITS: 7 credit hours
FEES: to be determined. The program costs are inclusive of seven units of tuition credit, housing in Berlin, cultural events, excursions, and a public transportation pass. Costs for 2014 are to be determined. Students will live in university dormitory apartments in southwest Berlin. The program runs from late May to mid-July. Does not include airfare, most meals, passport, books, or personal travel and expenses.

Fees and dates are subject to change. Course being offered is contingent upon enrolling at least 9 qualified students by the end of February.

MORE INFORMATION: E-mail: peggy.setje-eilers@Vanderbilt.Edu

Vanderbilt-in-Berlin is a seven-week summer program held in conjunction with the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin). Vanderbilt students participate in a program called the Freie Universität Berlin International Summer University or FUBiS. For the past twelve years, students from all over the world have come together to study German and promote international education and cross-cultural understanding. At the beginning of the program, Vanderbilt students have a week to explore the history and culture of Berlin before starting the six weeks of FUBiS courses. Students take a German language course and a content course in English, or one intensive German language course. There is no language prerequisite for this program. Students at all levels—beginning, intermediate, and advanced—are encouraged to apply.


Courses are held in conjunction with the Free University of Berlin: “Free University Berlin in Summer” (FUBiS).

  • Option 1: One Track A and one Track B course
  • Option 2: One Track C course

Courses are evaluated by Vanderbilt departments as indicated.

Track A - German Language Courses (Mon., Wed. & Thurs.) (Courses held - primarily - in German)

  • Media Ethics
  • Creating a Solo Performance: The Berlin Wall and The Art of Memory
  • Transatlantic Relations

Track A - German Language Courses (Mon., Wed. & Thurs.) (Courses held - primarily - in German)

  • German Language Beginners 1 (no previous German study necessary!)
  • German Language Beginners 2
  • German Language Intermediate 1
  • German Language Intermediate 2
  • German Language Advanced 1

Track B - Topic Courses (Tues. & Fri.) (Track B courses are in English; German Exile Literature is in German):

  • German Exile Literature: Thomas Mann, Bertolt Brecht, Theodor W. Adorno (advanced course in German)
  • Understanding the European Union - Internal and External Affairs 
  • Borders & Crossings: German Literature and Culture from Romanticism to the Present 
  • Music Composition: Compose, Rehearse & Perform 
  • Exploring Contemporary Germany and Berlin
  • Berlin: A Tale of More than Two Cities
  • Espionage in the 20th Century
  • Art and Architecture in Berlin: History and Collections
  • Kabarett Berlin: Creating a Solo Performance

Track C - INTENSIVE GERMAN (Mon. through Fri.) (Courses held - primarily - in German):

  • Intensive German Language Beginners 1 (no previous German study necessary!)
  • Intensive German Language Beginners 2
  • Intensive German Language Intermediate 1
  • Intensive German Language  Intermediate 2
  • Intensive German Language Advanced 1

Track D - Intensive Topic Course (Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.) (Course held in English):

  • Sustainability Law and Governance

The application deadline is February 3, 2014. Applications and information are available from the Global Education Office, 115 Student Life Center, 310 25th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37240. Telephone: (615) 343-3139.

For more program details, contact Professor Peggy Setje-Eilers; Program Director, Vanderbilt in Berlin; Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages; Furman 127; telephone (615) 322-2611; e-mail: or visit the Vanderbilt in Berlin Web site at

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Student Activity and Recreation Fee

As stated in the student handbook, the activity and recreation fees are mandatory fees for all students. The fees are not linked to usage of the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center facility or to participation in activities on the campus. These are mandatory fees that are part of registration. Students enrolled for a summer term are assessed an activity and recreation fee of approx. $73.00. There is no waiver of the summer activities and recration fees.

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Summer Programs Abroad are offered through the Global Education Office. Please visit for updated details.