2014 Summer Sessions at Vanderbilt
Summer Sessions

Admission to Summer Session at Vanderbilt is open to full- and part-time Vanderbilt students as well as visiting or transient students.


  • College of Arts and Science
  • Blair School of Music
  • School of Engineering
  • Peabody College

Currently enrolled VU undergraduates should confer with their faculty advisers during the spring semester before registration for the summer. Freshmen admitted to Vanderbilt for the fall semester who wish to begin their study in the summer should notify Undergraduate Admissions, Vanderbilt University, 2305 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203-1700.

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Visiting/Transient Students, Pre-Freshmen, and Adult Learners: Division of Unclassified Studies

The Division of Unclassified Studies (DUS) provides an opportunity to take courses at Vanderbilt for visiting/transient students working toward a degree at another institution. The dependents of Vanderbilt faculty and staff who attend college elsewhere should apply and enroll through DUS.

Visiting students who wish to attend a Vanderbilt summer session must submit all required DUS application materials two weeks prior to the day of registration for the term they wish to attend.

Only students in good standing at an accredited institution will be considered for admission to the Division of Unclassified Studies as visiting/transient students. Requests for exceptions to the admission criteria to the Division of Unclassified Studies must be addressed to the Vice Provost for Enrollment; Dean of Admissions in writing.

It is the student's responsibility to ascertain in advance whether the college that the student regularly attends (or will attend) will grant credit for the courses in which he or she plans to enroll at Vanderbilt. An official transcript of courses taken during the summer will be mailed to the student's home institution upon written authorization from the student.

Students in the Division of Unclassified Studies do not qualify for intra-university transfer. Division students who subsequently wish to enroll in one of the degree granting programs of the University must apply through the regular admission process.

All University regulations, including the Honor System, apply to students registered in the division. Degree candidates have priority in enrollment at Vanderbilt, and students registering in the Division of Unclassified Studies should be prepared for this contingency. Tuition is charged at the standard rate, except in the case of qualified, dependent children of Vanderbilt faculty and staff. See the relevant Division of Unclassified Studies Summer Tuition Charges.

Students enrolled in the Division of Unclassified Studies are not charged student activity, recreation center, or health insurance fees, and do not have access to recreation or student health services. Students enrolled in the Division of Unclassified Studies as full-time students may petition to be allowed to purchase these services.

The deadline for DUS applications for May Session is April 18th. Application materials may be obtained from the University Registrar’s Web site: or at the University Registrar’s Office.

Mailing address:
Division of Unclassified Studies
Office of the University Registrar
Vanderbilt University
110 21st Ave South, Suite 110
Nashville TN 37203

(615) 322-7701


110 21st Ave S, Suite 110 (Baker Building), Nashville, TN 37203

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Post-Baccalaureate Students

School of Engineering

Students pursuing M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in an engineering discipline should register through the Graduate School. Currently enrolled Master of Engineering students should confer with their advisers during the spring session before registration for the summer session. Master of Engineering students register at 104 Featheringill Hall.

Graduate School

Currently enrolled students follow the procedure in operation during other terms, including conferences with the Director of Graduate Studies or advisers in their major program, as required. Application for admission should be made at: Students are admitted for study toward graduate degrees in specified areas. In some cases, students may be admitted as special, non-degree students. See the current Graduate School Catalog for a complete statement on admission and degree requirements.

Peabody College

Prospective students seeking admission to a professional program at Peabody should make application online by going to or visiting the Peabody Admissions Office, 003 Home Economics Building, at least six weeks prior to the anticipated enrollment date. There is no application fee if students apply online.

A non-degree-seeking applicant who holds a bachelor's degree and who wishes to enroll in professional courses at Peabody should apply online at least one week prior to the anticipated enrollment date. A student cannot gain admission and register on the same day.

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