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Getting Paid at Vanderbilt

Time Reporting Required:

Students employed by Vanderbilt University and/or Vanderbilt Medical Center (either FWS or VIE) and paid hourly will be paid according to either the University bi-weekly paycyle (UBA) or the Medical bi-weekly paycycle (MMB).  All UBA and MMB pay cycles require students to complete an e-Timesheet (electronic).

If a student has missed the e-Timesheet processing date for a specific pay cycle then a paper Brown-Back timesheet (UBA) or a paper Green-Back timesheet (MMB) will need to be submitted to Student Employment for processing. Your supervisor will direct you as to their procedure for processing your timesheet. Those student paid a salary will be paid according to the UM1/MM1 monthly pay cycles.

e-Timesheet Quick Reference Guide

Timesheets must be submitted by the established deadline  for proper approval prior to the timesheet upload. All paper timesheets must have an authorized department signature before being submitted to Student Employment for processing. Check with your supervisor to verify the pay cycle you should be following.

Pay Checks:

Payroll disbursements to student employees may be made as follows:

  • A direct deposit to the employee’s financial institutional. This method is recommended. Students may set up direct deposit by logging onto C2HR.
  • A deposit to the Vanderbilt Paycard.
  • A "live" check. You will need to verify with your supervisor where to pick the check up or have it mailed to your "home" address.

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