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Getting Hired at Vanderbilt

Where do I start?

So you would like a job at Vandy? You have a couple of options to assist you with your job search. If you received a Federal Work Study (FWS) award as part of your financial aid package, you are eligible to use the FWS job listings available through HireADore. If you are only eligible to seek Institutional Employment, (no FWS award as part of your financial aid package) you may use the Institutional job listings available on HireADore. Depending upon the application instructions provided with each job, you should proceed accordingly.

Both FWS and IE applicants may also approach departments and/or professors for whom they are interested in working and discuss employment opportunities. If you are eligible for FWS funding, please be sure to share that information with a potential employer. It benefits you and your employer!

Regardless of how the position is acquired, you will need to complete a W-4, I-9 process, and the  Employee Information Form. You will need to initiate your I-9 and provide identification documents at Student Employment. If you are asked to start working, please ensure that these documents/prcesses have been completed.

Good luck in your search!


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2014 Online Student Job Fair


Students: Make sure your resumes and profiles are up to date for our 2014 Online Student Job Fair!  The job fair will be held on HireADore August 4 - August 30.