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Fall 2014 - The HireADore Newsletter

HireADore Newsletter for VU Campus Employers

Student Employment has been busy over the summer holding supervisor department training, updating the Department Hiring Guide, creating Student Employment on Facebook, and organizing a new online Job Fair for all students. Please read the HireADore Newsletter as it is full of helpful information to get your students hired quickly and efficiently. As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Facebook - Like Us!

Like us and have your students like us on Facebook ! We will be periodically promoting your current available positions on our Facebook page. These will be on-campus positions students can find online at .

2014 Online Student Job Fair

This year all students interested in finding on-campus employment have access to the Job Fair. The fair kicked off on August 4 and will continue to be promoted until August 30th. However, students will continue to have 24/7 access to postings in log into your HireADore account and post all positions. Don’t have an account? Or are you unsure of how to post your positions? Send us your job information and we will post it for you!.

Supervisor Strategies That Really Work

Student employees pay a critical role on our college campus because they fill needs that can't be covered by traditional employees.  Supervising these employees effectively, and ensuring that you are getting a reliable work product from them, presents unique challenges.  See the tips provided by Great Lakes Higher Education for successfully supervising these unique team member.  Supervisory Strategies That Really Work 

Hiring Students with FWS funding

Federal Work Study Action forms are considered the PAF, which is used to hire students who have been awarded need-based FWS funds. Please email Student Employment the student's legal name to requiest the form. Do not complete both the PAF and the FWS Action Form. Please note: FWS awards are subject to change at any time and without notice as a result of a student's federally calculated demonstrated need.  FWS Calculators are available to help give you an estimate of when FWS funding for your student will be exhausted. You can find the calculator on our website under For Employer-->Forms.

I-9 Process = 2 Steps

1. Department or student can send an email to with the student’s email address. An I-9 Section 1 link will be sent to the student.
2. The student should take their original identification documents HR Express :     
        HR Express   
        2525 West End Avenue, 2nd Floor     
        Hours are 7:30 am-5:30 pm, Monday-Friday

The law requires that the I-9 be completed within three business days of a student's effective hire date. Failure to do so will result in termination of the student’s campus job. You and your student will be notified if this transpires.

Student Paychecks

Encourage your student employees to sign up for direct deposit. Students can sign up in C2HR or download the DD Form on our website. Remeber, it can take up to 2 - 3 pay cycles for direct deposit approval.  Until then, authorized department personnel must pick up the student's paychecks at HR Express each payday.

Payroll Deadlines

The payroll deadlines are posted on the Student Employment website. Please adhere to these dates to ensure your student is paid on time and to reduce the number of off-cycle check requests.

If the paperwork is not received by the Monthly deadline date, a Payment Correction Request  is required. It is highly recommended that if you have paperwork that is due in Student Employment on the deadline date that you hand deliver it to our office to ensure we have time to process it.

If paperwork for hourly paid employees and/or timesheets is late the student will be paid on the next pay cycle. Tip: Paperwork is always due every 2nd Wednesday and paper timesheets at noon on the following Mondays. All due dates are highlighted on the payroll calendar on our website.

Changes in deadlines due to holidays will be emailed to departments.

Termination Process Update

Due to many payroll issues, future termination dates on hiring PAFs will not be processed for the UBA and MBB pay groups.  All future termination dates on monthly paygroups, UM1/MM1) will be processed to prevent automatic pay.

Department Training

An updated Department Guide is available online. Please take the time to read the guide and review all processes to reduce paperwork/timesheet errors. It is a great tool for new administrators who are completing hiring paperwork. Continue to use current hiring forms, which can be found on our website.

If you are unsure if a student has worked on Vanderbilt campus before or what paperwork is required, email the student’s legal name to Student Employment. We will let you know what is needed.

Student Employment receives a high volume of emails, paperwork, and paper timesheets at this time. Please email us once. We will respond in order of the requests/inquiries. Thank you in advance for your patience and hope you all have a great start to the semester!


All students employed at the University are required to complete the  I-9 Process prior to starting employment for the first time on the Vanderbilt campus. Original documentation will be required. Copies will not be accepted.

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