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Timesheet Procedures/Tips

Time Reporting Required:

Timesheets must be submitted by the established deadline for proper approval prior to the HR upload to payroll. Paper timesheets should only be used if a payroll deadline was missed.  It must have an authorized department signature before being submitted to Student Employment for processing. Check with your supervisor to verify who is the e-Timesheet approver.

Students employed by University departments

Students employed by Vanderbilt University (FWS or non-FWS) are paid on the University Biweekly A cycle (UBA) or University Monthly 1 pay cycle (UM1). All UBA pay cycles require students to complete the online e-Timesheet. If a student has missed the e-Timesheet processing date for a specific pay cycle then a paper timesheet should be submitted to Student Employment for processing. Your supervisor will direct you as to their procedure for processing your timesheet.

e-Timesheet Quick Reference Guide