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Sarratt Box Office

The box office is located on the first floor of Sarratt Student Center at the information desk. Tickets for most on-campus events are available here. Methods of payment accepted include cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Commodore Cash.

The box office is open from 9am-8pm Monday through Saturday, and Noon-8pm on Sunday. Please note that holiday and break hours may vary and will be posted.

Our phone number is: 615-343-3361

Event Ticketing Policies & Procedures


An Event Setup Agreement must be completed at least five business days before the date tickets are requested to go on sale. It is recommended that the Event Setup Agreement be completed three (3) weeks prior to the event, allowing ample time for event marketing and sales to occur.

A Vanderbilt University center number must be provided at the time of signing the Event Setup Agreement.

Events can only be setup if they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Sponsored or hosted by currently registered Vanderbilt Student Organization or Vanderbilt Department.
  • The event must be held in a University facility or a venue contract must be presented in order to prove freedom in ticketing and capacity.
  • The event falls under one or more of the following descriptions: concert, speaker, lecture, dance, performance, etc. While many events are benefits for a charitable cause, being a benefit does not mean the event automatically meets qualifications for ticketing. The box office manager reserves the right to deny the ticketing setup request.
  • Ticket sales cannot be set up to sell t-shirts, candy, food, or other items. The box office manager reserves the right to deny the ticketing setup request.

Sarratt Box Office will transfer funds from ticket sales via internal transfer (VU center number). This transfer will take place up to four (4) weeks after the event date.

An additional service offered is event door sales, where box office staff would sell tickets at your event. Fees associated with ticket services will be deducted from the ticket sales revenue; or in the case of minimal revenue, fees will be deducted directly from the center number provided. Ticketing fees vary based on the requesting group’s affiliation and standing with Vanderbilt University. Please contact bryan.masters@vanderbilt.edu for specific information on ticketing fees.