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Building Policies FAQ

The policies and procedures listed below are intended to facilitate the fair allocation and efficient use of facilities within the Student Centers and provide for the uniform and consistent administration of facility usage. These policies apply to the temporary use of facilities in the Student Centers that are made available for meetings, activities and events. The Student Center reserves the right to alter and/or amend the policies and procedures. The Director shall determine all matters not expressly covered by the policies and procedures.

Can I reserve a space for my study group or class project?

Currently, room reservations can only be made by leaders of student organizations for their organization’s events and meetings.  If you are interested in a space for group study or projects, we suggest booking study rooms in the library.  For more information, please click here.

Can my student organization request spaces for weekly meetings?

Yes, student organizations are allowed to request up to two standing (recurring) room reservations per year, provided space is available.

How far in advance can I book my event or meeting?

Reservations for most student centers and outdoor spaces can be booked up to one year in advance; however, rehearsal spaces can only be reserved up to one semester in advance.  Academic spaces can be requested up to a year in advance, but will remain in tentative status until the Registrar’s office has finalized the class schedule each semester (typically, 2-3 weeks into the semester).

We suggest booking events and meetings at least five days in advance, but more time may be needed for large-scale events.

How / Where can I advertise my event?
  • Departments and student organizations may post items on the digital signage, as long as certain guidelines are followed and certain criteria are met. Guidelines available here.
  • You may post items on the bulletin boards, located in all of the Student Centers.
  • With permission from Vanderbilt Dining, you may be able to utilize the table tents on the dining hall tables. Guidelines available here.
  • Advertise your event in the Vanderbilt Hustler.
  • The University Calendar is a great place to advertise events and it’s free.
  • Anchor Link.
  • Student Centers website.
  • Tables for use on the Sarratt Promenade, Rand Wall and Commons Center can be reserved through Reservations & Events.
Can I post flyers outside?
  • There are bulletin boards outside of Sarratt Student Center that can be used to post fliers. Please limit yourself to 3 fliers per board. The clothesline is available for hanging banners and that is a first come first serve area. The Student Centers staff reserves the right to take down any banners not related to Vanderbilt or with questionable wording or graphics.
  • Banners may not be hung from trees, or between trees, or from or between other objects such as lampposts. Nails, tacks, tape or staples may not be used to attach posters to trees or buildings, but posters and banners may be tied to tree trunks with string. With the endorsement and cooperation of student government, a series of poles with rigging especially designed for the hanging of banners has been installed on the east side of Rand Hall, to consolidate the display of banners.
  • The use of chalk on any surface other than a chalkboard is prohibited.
Can I have alcohol at my event?
  • Undergraduate groups may not serve alcoholic beverages except with the authorization of the Dean of Students or the dean’s designee. Undergraduate students who are of legal drinking age may possess and consume alcohol at events registered and approved for consumption of alcohol. Beer is not permitted in the student centers.
  • Departments may serve alcoholic beverages to members who are of legal drinking age, if nonalcoholic beverages and food are also provided. Beer is not permitted in the student centers.
  • All alcoholic beverage service must receive permission from the Director of Student Centers and attend a Special Events Registration Committee meeting. A third party licensed bartender must be in charge of the distribution of alcohol, regardless of circumstance.
What A / V equipment is available for my event?
  • Many of the meeting rooms in the Student Centers are equipped with a projector and screen. You can use these with your laptop free of charge. If your event needs audio reinforcement, lighting, video and staging production than you will need to reserve the production services team.

How do I reserve a technician for my event?

  • Contact Reservations & Events to reserve Production Services.
What are the building hours?

Alumni Hall Hours

  • Monday-Friday 7am-10pm
  • Saturday 9am-7pm
  • Sunday 11am-9pm

Commons Center Hours

  • Monday-Sunday 7am-12am

Kissam Center Hours

  • Monday-Friday 7am-12am
  • Saturday-Sunday 8am-12am

Sarratt Student Center | Rand Hall Hours

  • Monday-Friday 7am-12am
  • Saturday-Sunday 8am-12am

Student Life Center Hours

  • Monday-Friday 7am-9pm
  • Saturday 9am-5pm
  • Sunday 12pm-9pm

Alumni Hall, Commons Center, Kissam Center, and Sarratt Student Center | Rand Hall have 24 hour card access during the school year.

Student Life Center hours subject to change based on events.

Events in all buildings must end by 11pm.

What is your cancellation policy?
  • Failure to observe the cancellation policy of the Student Center may result in room rental charges or cancellation fees. If the event is cancelled prior to the appropriate Student Center policy, no room fee will be incurred.
  • Cancellation policies vary for each building. Refer to the confirmation email or speak with the Reservations and Events staff for specific details. The majority of space in all of the centers requires notice of one business day to cancel a meeting or event, but special event spaces (ballrooms, cinemas, etc.) may require earlier cancellation notice. Reservations and Events will make efforts to cancel all services, but the sponsoring organization will be held responsible for any expenses incurred (linens, poster boards, etc.) that cannot be cancelled within the vendor’s time frame.
Do I need to cleanup after my event?
  • In most spaces housekeeping is required after each event where food or drink is present.  Your event manager will order housekeeping service for your event and you will be responsible for the cost incurred.


Can I decorate any way I want for my event? Are there any decorating materials that aren’t allowed?
  • There are many acceptable decorating items, such as linens on tables, balloons, signs and banners. Contact your event manager for decorating options and limitations. Any damage caused by taping or adhering items to the walls, floors or furnishings will be assessed a damage fee.
What do I do in the event of an emergency?
  • In the event of an emergency (fire, severe weather, etc.) the Student Center staff will alert you and direct you to safety. All meeting rooms have a copy of the emergency procedures on or near the back door.
Can I show a film at my event?
  • Registered student organizations may order films to show on campus. The motion picture titles shown on the Vanderbilt campus are cleared by the distributors for public performance exhibition. This means that Vanderbilt has the legal right to show titles before groups of students, faculty, and their friends on campus. The “home use” versions of these same titles, obtained from video stores, etc., are not cleared by the distributors for public performance use by the University, because proper licensing fees to the copyright owners have not been paid for such use. Films, videos, or DVDs may not be shown to dorm audiences, clubs, fraternities, sororities, or other organizations, without first obtaining a public performance license, available here.

Can I bring in outside entertainers?

Can I have inflatables, casino games, etc. at my event?
  • Yes. These are also items that require a contract so you’ll need to contact Student Campus Events for the proper procedure.
What are the room layout options for my event?
  • Each room comes in a default layout. For additional layout options contact your event manager.
  • The Student Center is required to coordinate event set-ups. All setup requests should be given to Reservations & Events and/or the specific Student Center. No one is allowed to reconfigure rooms or common spaces due to the possibility of damage to furniture and to prevent personal injury.
What are the rental rates?
  • For student organizations, most meeting spaces do not carry a room fee, but housekeeping, production services, and set-up fees may be added depending on the nature of the event.  The Office of Reservations & Events can provide quotes.
  • For University departments, non-profit organizations, and for-profit groups, most meeting spaces carry a basic room fee, and charges for additional services will be added depending on the  nature of the event.  The Office of Reservations & Events can provide quotes.

How can I pay for my event?

  • All billing is processed internally for most events. The department or organization hosting the event must provide an account and center number. Payment by check is also accepted. An invoice is sent prior to processing a payment.
Can I bring my own food for my meeting/event?
  • Student Centers reserves the right to control the sale of all concessions and distribution of free samples including food, beverage, or any other services connected with the facility.
  • Food may be served in most spaces on campus under certain guidelines. Housekeeping is required after each event where food or drink is present and the student organization or department will be responsible for the cost incurred.
  • University Departments and outside clients that host events in the Student Centers event spaces are required to request a quote from Vanderbilt Campus Dining.
  • For more information, please click here for our full catering policy.
What if I lose something or have something stolen?
  • The Student Centers are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. All items will be held in Lost & Found, located at the front desk of the Student Center, for 30 days and will then be donated.
Can I sell merchandise at my event?
  • Student Centers reserves the right to control the sale of all concessions and distribution of free samples including food, beverage, or any other services connected with the facility.
  • Groups may be permitted to sell novelties, programs, shirts, DVDs, CDs, and similar items provided the group has obtained proper approval from the Student Center Assistant Director at least two weeks in advance of the event. Further approval may be necessary, especially those sales involving licensed equipment or merchandise. Allow an appropriate amount of time for investigations on these matters to be conducted.
  • Display tables and selling locations will be at the discretion of the facility’s staff, and the sales locations must be manned by a member of the organization or the group at all times.
Can I have an event outdoors?

Yes, student organizations can book outdoor locations throughout campus.  However, large-scale events requiring tents, stages, sound, lighting, security or other special items should be booked at least one month in advance in order to properly secure permits and equipment delivery.  Please note that events that have amplification may not take place at times or locations that interfere with scheduled classes or other previously scheduled events.

If an outdoor event is to be cancelled, or does not take place, the event coordinator should contact the Reservations and Events office immediately.  Reservations and Events will make efforts to cancel all services, but the sponsoring organization will be held responsible for any expenses incurred (tents, lighting, etc.) that cannot be cancelled within the vendor’s time frame.

Where can I direct people to park for an event in the Student Centers?
  • You can contact the Office of Traffic and Parking for assistance with parking needs related to special events. Some of the services available are special parking permits for events, barricades and signs for lots and Traffic and Parking officers.

Is handicapped parking available?

  • Yes. To arrange for handicap parking contact your event manager.
Who can reserve space in the Student Centers?
  • Registered student organizations, Vanderbilt departments and non-profit organizations may reserve space in any of the student centers.
  • For-profit groups may only reserve space in the Student Life Center, and may contact Reservations and Events to make those request.
How do I reserve meeting space in the Student Centers?
  • Room reservations can be made through Virtual EMS or by contacting Reservations & Events directly.

Reservations & Events
100 Sarratt Student Center
(615) 322-2448

How do I book space in the College Halls/Kissam Center?

  • Please contact Reservations & Events directly.
  • Kissam Center has specific reservation guidelines which can be found by clicking here.
Does my event require security?
  • Security is required for events at which alcohol is present, for large events, and for events open to the general public. If your event falls into one of these categories you will need to contact Reservations & Events to make an appointment to attend one of the weekly Special Events Registration Committee meetings.
How do I arrange for tickets to be sold at my event?
Are the Student Centers smoke free?
  • Vanderbilt University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on campus, including University residence halls and Greek chapter houses, and on the grounds of the campus with the exception of designated outdoor smoking areas. Locations of designated smoking areas for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors may be found on an online map.
Are animals allowed in the Student Centers?
  • Working animals, such as seeing eye, hearing, service animals and dogs used in law enforcement are the only animals permitted in the Student Centers. The Assistant Director of the facility must approve animals used in lectures and demonstrations.
Can I bring my bike into the building?
  • The use of bicycles, skates, skateboards and other wheeled recreational devices is prohibited in the Student Centers. The owner may carry these devices through the Student Centers. Bicycles must be left outside and secured to the bike racks provided near the entrances to the building.
  • In addition, they should not be operated near entrances of buildings, on steps or walls adjoining buildings, or so that they impede foot traffic along walkways.