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Stipends for Graduate/Professional Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Vanderbilt has launched a process change to enable the direct deposit of stipend payments for graduate/professional students and fellows. New stipend requests effective on or after July 1, 2008 will follow this revised process. 


This change applies to all stipends for graduate/professional students and fellows (post-docs) for university central and medical center departments, as well as interdisciplinary centers. 

UNDERGRADUATE STIPENDS are processed through either Medical Center Demand Check or Disbursement Services and use form 60-002-551. Contact the appropriate office with questions regarding that process.

Key Points of Change

  • Direct deposit capability – Graduate/Professional students and fellows (post-docs) will be able to have stipend payments direct deposited to a bank account.
  • Timing of payments – Payments will occur on the last business day of each month.
  • Direct deposit enrollment – Stipend recipients enroll for direct deposit on-line, using the C2HR system. 
  • Paperless check stub (“advice”) – Stipend recipients who elect direct deposit will receive electronic notification of payments and access payment detail using the C2HR system.

Administrative Changes to the Process

  • Form – A new form has been developed and replaces the two-part stipend request form (60-002-551 rev 7/06).
  • Processing area – Human Resources Processing handles the processing of stipend payments, replacing Medical Center Demand Check and University Central Disbursements. 
  • Administrative processing – Stipends are processed using Vanderbilt’s payroll system. Ledger entries appear in the same way as payroll entries and can be viewed through eDog. Payment detail can be viewed through a custom Business Objects report.  
  • Timing of form submission – The processing calendar for payroll will determine when forms must be received in HR Processing. Timing follows the schedule for monthly payroll (UM1 and MM1) processing. Sufficient lead time will be determined by the recipient’s responsible business office.