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Affiliated Ministries

Saint Augustine’s Episcopal Chapel also houses chaplains from the United Methodist and Presbyterian ministries. Together with the Episcopal chaplain, the affiliated chaplains cooperate in an ecumenical ministry that promotes Christian unity throughout the campus and the community. To this end, services, some religious programs and other activities intended to involve students in the community (e.g., Room in the Inn) are overseen by the resident chaplains. Each chaplain also offers individual denominational programs.

The United Methodist Ministry at Vanderbilt University

The United Methodists are represented by the Wesley Foundation at Vanderbilt University. See their home page for a statement of their mission and a complete list of activities.

Campus Minister

The Reverend Mark Forrester
200 24th Ave., South
at Saint Augustine's Chapel on the Vanderbilt University campus
Post Office Box 6330, Station B
Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615-343-0261

The Presbyterian Ministry at Vanderbilt University

Campus Minister
Jennifer Fouse
2417 West End Ave.
Nashville, TN 37240
Phone: 615-343-4213


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