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The SmartPrinting Initiative aims to serve as a central resource for the campus community in the evaluation and acquisition of:

Copiers Faxes Multifunction Devices

We offer advice on choosing your machines and making the most productive use of them after installation.  We also provide online tools for managing your equipment throughout its lifecycle, as well as handling all billing matters.

This Initiative is managed by Fleet Management, with the support of Procurement & Disbursement Services and Information Technology Services. We have an SLA in place to serve both the University and the Medical Center and have partnered with the Robert J. Young Company to provide our users with a wide range of choices at attractive prices.

For more detailed information, visit our secure home page (VU password required):

Beware the Toner Phoner! - Be sure your folks who answer the phone are aware that scammers may call and try to gain copier information or get consent to ship unwanted supplies. See Question #34 on our FAQ page for more info.

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