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Senior Class Fund


Senior Class Fund

Congrats, Class of 2015!

And thank you so much for your help in making this year’s Senior Class Fund a success! We have officially secured over $10,000 in matching funds. WAY TO GO!

If you haven’t made your gift yet, there’s still time to be counted. As a freshly-minted member of the alumni community, we hope you’ll participate in the Senior Class Fund and help us set the bar even higher for the Class of 2016.

During our time at Vanderbilt, each of us has become involved with something special. The Senior Class Fund is an opportunity to give to that area of campus that’s been most meaningful to you. Whether it’s your school or your favorite student group, department or Greek organization—you decide where to leave your mark.

This year your gift does more thanks to two challenges. Mr. Alex C. Taylor, a 1997 Peabody graduate and newly elected Board of Trust member, has revealed himself as the anonymous donor behind both Senior Class Fund 2015 Challenges.

Through the Senior Class Fund $20.15 Challenge, Mr. Taylor has agreed to match all Senior Class Fund gifts of $20.15 or more, up to $25,000. If we reach our Senior Class Fund goal of 75 percent giving participation, Mr. Taylor will contribute an additional $25,000! With both of these challenges, we could help our alma mater secure an additional $50,000. This means we’ll raise more than triple the amount usually generated by the Senior Class Fund.

So please consider making a gift of or $20.15 in honor of the Class of 2015, but every gift counts, no matter the amount. Please  give now and be counted!

Your Senior Class Fund officers,
Anna Watt
Sherry Chen
Sarah Hoffman
Pranav Santapuram
Aaron Suggs
Michelle Weinman


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