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Senior Class Fund

The $50K SCF Challenge

Want to help raise $50,000 for Vanderbilt? 

When we reach our goal of 75 percent class participation, Alex Taylor, BS’97, Vanderbilt Board of Trust member and an advocate for student philanthropy, will donate $25,000 to Vanderbilt! 

But wait, that’s not all! Alex will also match dollar-for-dollar any gift of $20 or more up to $25,000! 

Double your impact and give $20.16 for 2016!

Senior Class Fund

Congrats, Class of 2016!

As soon-to-be alumni, we hope you’ll participate in the Senior Class Fund as we race to a record-setting goal of 75% senior class participation by graduation! The Senior Class Fund promotes the opportunity to leave your mark on Vanderbilt by making a gift to the university. The fund brings us together as a class, allowing us to give back through fundraising and class-focused events to a place that has given us so much over the last four years.

During our time at Vanderbilt, each of us has become involved with something special. The Senior Class Fund is an opportunity to give to that area of campus that’s been most meaningful to you. Whether it’s your favorite student organization, department or Greek organization—you decide where to leave your mark.

The Class of 2014 set a Vanderbilt record for the highest-ever participation rate. Our goal is to set a new record with 1,200+ donors by graduation. We encourage you to donate $16 or $20.16 in honor of the Class of 2016, but every gift counts, no matter the amount. Please  give now and be counted, as we race to 1,200!

Your Senior Class Fund officers,
Lindsay Edwards
Shawn Albert
Gabbi Feldman
Emitom Hillsman
Jasmine Lawrence
Arianna Yarritu


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