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The conference papers will be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates in an edited volume for public dissemination next year. You may read the first version of the conference papers online. More...

Charter Schools: What Fosters Growth and Outcomes?
The National Center on School Choice is hosting a national conference on charter school research for academic researchers and policymakers. The conference will be held at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee from September 28-29, 2006. More...

The National Conference on Charter School Research will feature many nationally recognized scholars in three panel discussions. Each panelist will present the first version of a research analysis to the chair, discussant, and the general audience at the conference proceedings in September.

After the conference, panelists will have an opportunity to revise their preliminary findings and analyses. The revised papers will be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates in an edited volume for public dissemination next year. You may view the latest news on this publication at the National Center on School Choice website.

To fully engage conference participants with their new research findings on charter schools, authors will have the unique opportunity to post their conference papers on this webpage before the conference begins. Accordingly, we hope that you will check back in the next few weeks as we receive the preliminary versions of the authors' work for public dissemination through this webpage.

__Methods of Assessing the Achievement of Students in Charter Schools
__Caroline M. Hoxby and Sonali Murarka

__Teachers' Academic Focus on Learning in Charter and Traditional Public Schools
__Ellen Goldring and Xiu Cravens

__Charter Schools in California
__Ron Zimmer and Richard Buddin

__Charter Schools in North Carolina
__Robert Bifulco and Helen Ladd

__Charter Schools in Idaho
__Dale Ballou, Bettie Teasley, and Tim Zeidner

__Teams Versus Bureaucracies: Personnel Policy, Wage-Setting, and Teacher Quality
__Michael Podgursky

__Charter School Governance
__Paul T. Hill and Robin J. Lake

__Charter Law and Charter Outcomes: Re-Examining the Charter School Marketplace
__Kenneth K. Wong and Francis X. Shen

__Back to the Future
__Sheree T. Speakman

__Charter School Effects on Achievement: Where We Are and Where We're Going
__Mark Berends, Caroline Watral, Bettie Teasley, and Anna Nicotera

The National Center on School Choice conducts scientific, comprehensive, and timely studies on school choice to inform policy and practice. The Center exercises national leadership in coordinating multiple disciplines, research methodologies, and substantive issues associated with the design, implementation, and effects of school choice. More...