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Tim Crowder

mixed media
February 23–March 18

Born in Sikeston, Missouri, and educated at the Memphis College of Art, Tennessee-based Tim Crowder creates provocative mixed media works using oil and enamel on paper. Paintings are then embellished with touches of embroidery that some would say lend an ironic homespun air to his enterprise. Crowder creates a semblance of Old Master technique in the service of allegories that might be seen as cute if they didn’t offer overtones whose puzzling nature sometimes verges on the sinister.

Crowder chooses to describe himself through Magritte’s response to his art in a questionnaire with the following excerpts:

12) I am not trying to “provoke” anything or anyone when I paint. I have barely enough attention for painting itself.
13) I do not feel I am “adding” something to the world: where would I get what I am adding if not from the world.
17) There is no choice: no art without life.
19) Without art, of course, there would be no pictures to look at. But although painters are sometimes stimulated by the strangest of motives, I recognize only one motive for the act of painting: the desire to paint an image one would like to see.


Pleasant Pasture, 2010, oil, enamel & embroidery on paper, 38.5×50 inches