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Lauren Kussro

February 13 – March 22

Wherever beauty lies in wait for us, the desire to preempt its appeal can intervene, ensuring that it’s still small voice will not be heard behind the scenes of desecration. For beauty makes a claim on us: it is a call to renounce our narcissism and look with reverence on the world. - Roger Scruton, The Flight From Beauty

Printmaker and paper sculptor Lauren Kussro is captured by the pursuit of beauty, and delivering beauty into the viewer’s sphere. She regards these two roles as her most imperative as an artist. Her paper sculpture repeatedly references the inherent design and beauty found within the natural world, in part because Kussro notes, “I like creating organic patterns and forms from my imagination because this pursuit lends itself as familiar. I find it more challenging to design patterns that are not copies from nature, but rather emerge from my imagination, and likewise a parallel universe.”

Gallery Talk
Thursday, March 22
5:00 p.m.

Closing reception following to 6:30 p.m.