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August 25 and our first week of art classes is approaching quickly. Many classes have filled and there will be over 225 people studying art with us this fall!
What?! You haven't registered for a class yet?
Well Boo, you need to get online and come join us.

Aug 21st 2:39pm • No Comments

It's almost Back to Studios time. Classes begin the week of August 25. Registration is completely on line at www.vanderbilt.edu/sarrattart. (I hope no one wanted to stand in line to register?).

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Aug 16th 5:00pm • No Comments

We start off the school year with a poster sale in Sarratt Gallery. Open this week Sunday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm. A fundraiser for Gallery programming for the year!

Aug 16th 4:57pm • No Comments