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Studios and office are now closed for this Thanksgiving week.
We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Nov 23rd 11:43pm • No Comments

Want to know a secret? On line registration is still open for winter 2015 classes. I'll leave it open for another 24 hours.
I hope you will join us in the New Year! www.vanderbilt.edu/sarrattart

Nov 22nd 7:28pm • No Comments

Friday November 21, 2014 brought the close of Courage Unmasked TN. What a privilege to host the inaugural exhibit and fundraiser of this amazing art project! Thank you to all who volunteered their time, donated their masks after radiation treatment and a heartfelt thank you to all of the artists that transformed these masks in to statements on courage.

If you missed the exhibit or want to share it with friends, each mask and the exhibit are on a free mobile app called "Piggyback". It's available for free in the app store for ipads, iphones, and smart phones.

Nov 22nd 6:53pm • No Comments