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Glass, Graphic Design, Book Arts, Yoga & More…

Fused Glass

Fused glass is a term used to describe glass that has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from 593 °C (1,099 °F) to 816 °C (1,501 °F); thank you Wikipedia! There are 3 main distinctions for temperature application and the resulting effect on the glass. Students will explore the basics of cutting, designing, fusing and slumping glass in kilns. Fused glass can be used to make jewelry, decorative tiles and functional or sculptural objects (bowls, plates, etc). A $30.00 lab fee covers the use of paper, tools and basic supplies needed for the course. Class size limited to 12 students.

Graphic Design Studio

Learn how to present information effectively through the use of visuals and typography. Together we will explore the principles of design, basic color theory, and beginning typography. This is a great class for those who want to learn how to communicate better via posters, advertising, and publications. Students in this class will need a laptop. If you have InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, or Illustrator, you are all set. If not we will help with a demo version, followed by membership to Adobe Creative Cloud. Sorry, but we cannot teach this course with “Microsoft Publisher”. Class size limited to 12.

Explorations in Book Arts

You might never have thought it, but yes making a book is an art form. And in this course you learn a new technique of making a book just about every week. Handmade books can be used in a variety of ways and/or can just be enjoyed as a wonderful object. Some books can even be sculptural. A great class for anyone wanting to learn something out of the ordinary and a perfect format for drawings, prints or your own writing. A $30.00 lab fee covers the use of paper, tools and basic supplies needed for the course. Class size limited to 10 students.

Secrets of Shibori and Indigo Dye

Shibori is a Japanese based technique of knotting, stitching, tying, folding, wrapping of fabric to create patterns and images in fabric.  Indigo dye is a subtle type of dye that works in a harmonious manner with shibori and is a wonderful way to show off these patterns.
In this class you’ll create a sampler notebook of shibori, create your own designs to dye some silk scarves (hopefully by mid way0 and then create a decorative wall hanging or yardage for a final or end of term project. Class size is limited to 10 students. Lab fee of $30.00 covers cost of tools, indigo, and two scarves. Additional fabric and scarves will be available for purchase.