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Beginning Digital Photography

Learn how to us the manual settings of your DSL camera and to create more thoughtful digital photographs. Students will be given exercises to improve knowledge about photography in general with weekly critiques. A digital SLR camera and a laptop computer will be required for this course.  Please bring laptop, camera, and camera manual to each class. Instructor will guide you to the software you need for editing and printing your images. There is no lab fee for digital photo classes.

Photo by JC Johnson, Sarratt Art Studios Instructor

Darkroom Photography for 35mm Cameras.

This is an introductory course designed to teach students about the camera and the art of black and white film photography. You will learn to operate your manual or automatic camera, process black and white film, and print our own photographs. A 35mm SLR camera is required to take this course. A $30 lab fee covers use of the darkroom, chemicals, and one roll of b/w film and a pack of photo paper. Photo paper, film and protective sheets are available for purchase in our studio. Class size limited to 10 students

Experimental Photography

This class will focus on experimental cameras and printing techniques, while introducing students to the basics of taking a picture, processing film, and using the darkroom to make prints.  Students are encouraged to search their attics for vintage cameras and equipment they may already have.  Holgas, Dianas, and modern alternative cameras will also work.  Don’t have a camera?  Don’t fret.  We’ll spend the first night discussing your options and there will be a limited number of cameras to loan or buy.  We will also explore techniques that will allow you to take an image without even using a camera, like photograms, cyanotype, and pinhole.  No experience required, just curiosity!  A $30.00 lab fee covers the cost of your first pack of darkroom paper and use of the chemistry and facilities. Film and additional paper will be available for purchase in the studio. Class size is limited to 10 students.

Special Projects in Photography (Intermediate and Advanced)

The theme for this course might be “Where vintage meets digital”. But that’s the type of diversity we are thinking we will see in the students that are ready for this next level in their photography work. You may focus now on dark room techniques, software, or blend the two together to create a small series of work. Discussions and demos will be centered on group and individual needs, more critique sessions will be held as students work towards a small series for exhibit to be held in Sarratt Student Center.


Sarratt Art Studio Updates

Sarratt Art Studios

It's almost Back to Studios time. Classes begin the week of August 25. Registration is completely on line at www.vanderbilt.edu/sarrattart. (I hope no one wanted to stand in line to register?).

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We start off the school year with a poster sale in Sarratt Gallery. Open this week Sunday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm. A fundraiser for Gallery programming for the year!

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Sarratt Art Studios begins a new round of studio art classes the week of August 25. So excited, I'm going to start ordering supplies this weekend!
Online registration will be extended through Sunday August 17. Tell your friends and be sure you register as well. (So I can order more supplies!)

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