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Drawing, Painting, Printmaking

Beginning Watercolor

Step by step instructions give you the skills to create beautiful works of art in watercolor. This medium can be very tricky, so we start with the basics of the color wheel, explore blending and shadowing, and painting three dimensionally. As you work through the class compositions, you will explore your own use of color and this beautiful medium. The $30.00 lab fee covers the cost of paper, brushes, water colors, and basic supplies. Class size limited to 10.Watercolors by Sarratt Art Studios Instructor, Pam Francis

Intermediate Watercolor

Gain new skills while you are building on the basics of watercolor techniques. Students will work on a more complicated composition selected by the instructor and may also explore new ways to create beautiful paintings. Students in this class continue to explore and learn to “control” this very tricky and beautiful medium. A lab fee of $30 covers paper, paints, brushes and other supplies used in the class. Class size limited to 10.

Drawing Fundamentals

This is drawing basics for beginners and for those that feel they need a “refresher” course. Each week students will explore different drawing materials (Dry and wet), learn the vocabulary of drawing and have time to practice new drawing skills. From still life to drawing portraits, you’re sure to unleash the inner artist.  Paper and drawing supplies are provided for the course. A lab fee of $30.00 covers the cost of all drawing supplies and paper.Class size limited to 12.

Drawing and Painting with Color

We think the title of this course says it all! Students in this class will explore color pencils, pastels, and various styles of water color while exploring the art of drawing. Designed for beginners, this class is open to anyone who’d like to spend time in the studio to relax and enjoy creating colorful works of art. A lab fee of $30.00 covers the cost of all drawing supplies and paper.Class size limited to 12.

Figure Drawing

Artists have been drawing, painting and sculpting the human figure for centuries. Now, it’s your turn to explore drawing with a live model as your muse. From quick gesture drawings to more “studied” poses, students will explore expression and physicality of the human form on paper. Our model will wear a swim suit or dance leotard, costume, or drapes for poses. Please note that this is not an anatomy drawing class. This class is open to intermediate or advanced level drawing students. A $30.00 lab fee covers the cost of the model as well as drawing supplies for the class.Class size limited to 10.

Print Making (Intaglio, Photo Silk Screen, Relief)

There are a variety of techniques when it comes to print making. Some techniques require a press, others require some special chemicals, and some can be done with things that are laying around the house. From the basic mono print to the wood carved block to the more “modern” approach of photo silk screen we try to offer different classes in this amazing medium. So check our schedule for what is being offered this semester. No experience is required, but this is a medium that is often used by artists that enjoy drawing/painting/ bookmaking, or photography. A lab fee of $30.00 covers the cost of chemistry, tools, paper and ink for instructor led projects.Additional supplies will be available for purchase. Class size limited to 8 – 10.


Sarratt Art Studio Updates

Sarratt Art Studios

Sarratt Art Studios may be closing down for the semester but here's an opportunity for digital photo students from our very own Jonathan Rodgers. Explore more with your digital SLR with a six week photo II class starting April 12th. Students will spend a majority of the time, camera in hand, shooting in the field. This is also a great opportunity to hone and expand your photo story telling skills with individual projects. All info can be found at http://mkt.com/jonathan-rodgers/nashville-photography-class

Nashville Photography 2 Class - Spring 2014


6 week photography course on Saturdays in Nashville, TN: April 12-May 17, 2014 Students need to have completed Photo 1, taught by Jonathan Rodgers, be one of his current Photo 1 students, or have approval from instructor. Classes will meet 6 consecutive Saturdays at 1:00pm for 3 hours. The first par...

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