Colormixing for Maps

Colorbrewer is an awesome interactive tool for selecting color combinations for maps and cartography. It allows you to try out different color schemes more quickly than in ArcMap, and provides feedback on the color scheme\’s effectiveness in computer display and print. It also tells you whether the colors are color-blind friendly.


Changing default display for DEMs and other continuous rasters

For DEMs and other continuous rasters  (hillshade, curvature, etc) it is important to change the default display settings in ArcMap. To do this, open the layer properties, display tab, and change \”Resample during display\” from nearest neighbor (default) to bilinear interpolation. This change significantly reduces pixilation in your DEMs and is particularly noticeable at larger scales.

Here [...]

Sites for kite and balloon aerial photography

For those interested in the potential for mapping via kite or balloon, here is a new site, which includes links for related hardware and software:

For more in-depth discussion of KAP (kite aerial photography), see

Nathan Craig\’s lab at Penn State also has a lot of info on KAP for archaeology:

Setting relative paths as the default for ArcMap docs

ANTH 312ers: Since you are moving data between drives a lot, you\’ll want to set the data sources in your ArcMap docs as relative links.  Make sure you map docs are saved that way by going to Map document properties (under File menu), check the box for relative links, and save it before moving the [...]

Free video tutorials available online

The ESRI website has a number of free video tutorials available on a number of topics. You can find a list of them here.