Colormixing for Maps

Colorbrewer is an awesome interactive tool for selecting color combinations for maps and cartography. It allows you to try out different color schemes more quickly than in ArcMap, and provides feedback on the color scheme\’s effectiveness in computer display and print. It also tells you whether the colors are color-blind friendly.


Resource for Mayanists/Mesoamericanists

Walter Witschey and Clifford Brown have compiled a comprehensive GE map of Maya sites. This is an awesome resource that can be easily converted from KMZ (i.e. the GE file) to a shapefile for use in ArcGIS. You can check it out here:

Version 2 ASTER DEM

Version 2 has just been released for ASTER DEM data. This release includes improvements in resolution, better water coverage, and a reduction in voids and anomalies. To read more about the improvements and to download data:


3d Viewshed analysis to get visible volume

Here is a link with a video on how to do a 3d viewshed analysis in arc scene. With this you can get the volume of the visible area, which would be one way to account for the vertical element (an issue we discussed in class).

Decent UTM zone map

Here\’s a pretty good UTM zone map I came across:

New Vandy GIS blog

The library has released a GIS news blog, run by Jacob Thornton, the Jean and Alexander Heard Library GIS coordinator. You can keep up-to-date with software acquisition, training sessions and more here.

GIS resources available through VU

The library maintains a shared network drive of GIS data. The data primarily covers North America, but there is some South America data in there as well. This drive is also where you can find the tutorial data for the ArcGIS tutorials. The drive is called \\vuesri\\arcimage. For instructions on how to connect to the [...]

Free video tutorials available online

The ESRI website has a number of free video tutorials available on a number of topics. You can find a list of them here.