GIS resources available through VU

The library maintains a shared network drive of GIS data. The data primarily covers North America, but there is some South America data in there as well. This drive is also where you can find the tutorial data for the ArcGIS tutorials. The drive is called \\vuesri\\arcimage. For instructions on how to connect to the [...]

Aster DEM data avaiable for free

Aster DEM data is now available for free here.

When you follow the link, there will be a menu on the left-hand side of the page. Click \”search\” to access the map which will allow you to select the correct data files to download. The site requires you to register, but the data is available [...]

Free video tutorials available online

The ESRI website has a number of free video tutorials available on a number of topics. You can find a list of them here.

AREQ base station for post-processing in Pathfinder Office

For those working in southern Peru/Altiplano/Northern Chile (from Nico tripcevich):

Good news: Working through our california trimble rep (Isaiah Mack) I was able to get Trimble to review the Trimble base station list in the Differential Correction software and reinstate AREQ to the list. Try to differentially correct some peruvian GPS data and if you [...]