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Graduate Student Fellows

2014/2015 Graduate Fellows

Graduate Fellows 2014-2015

Jessica K. Burch
"'Soap and Hope': Direct Sales and the Cultures of Work and Capitalism in Postwar America"
Department of History

Adam B. Burgos
"Political Resistance and the Constitution of Equality"
Department of Philosophy

Kathleen R. DeGuzman
"The Poetics of Entanglement: Anticolonial Thought Across the Anglophone Caribbean and Victorian Britain"
Department of English

Daniel L. McAuley
"Lexical Innovation in the Banlieues: Social Group, Ethnicity, Language and Identity"
School of Modern Languages (French), Queen's University (Belfast)

Luis Menéndez-Antuña
"Thinking Sex with the Great Whore (Rev. 17-18): Deviant Sexualities in the Context of Empire"
Graduate Department of Religion

Carly A. Rush
"Outsiders Within: Cochlear Implants, Oralism and the Deaf Community in the 21st Century"
Department of Sociology

Amy G. Tan
"Richard Bernard and his Publics: A Puritan Minister as Author"
Department of History

Brendan J. M. Weaver
"'Fruit of the Vine, Work of Human Hands': An Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Labor on the Jesuit Wine Haciendas of Nasca, Peru"
Department of Anthropology

Graduate Student Fellows, 2006-2014