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Faculty Fellows

Working for Equality and Justice: Theorizing from and with Lived Resistance to Economic Inequality and Injustice

Faculty Fellows 2016-17

Front row: Melissa Snarr, Michelle Murray, Kathy Gaca, and Brooke Ackerly. Back row: James Fraser, Heath Carter, and Juan Floyd-Thomas. Not pictured: Carwil Bjork-James.

2016/2017 Fellows

Brooke A. Ackerly, Program Co-Director
Spence and Rebecca Webb Wilson Fellow
Associate Professor of Political Science

Carwil R. Bjork-James
Assistant Professor of Anthropology 

Heath W. Carter  
William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellow 
Assistant Professor of History, Valparaiso University

James C. Fraser
Associate Professor of Human and Organizational Development

Juan Floyd-Thomas
Associate Professor of African American Religious History

Kathy L. Gaca
Associate Professor of Classical and Mediterranean Studies

N. Michelle Murray
Assistant Professor of Spanish

C. Melissa Snarr, Program Co-Director
Jacque Voegeli Fellow
Associate Professor of Ethics and Society

Faculty Fellows, 1988-2015