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Research Articles

The following research articles utilize data collected in the RIPS Lab:

  • Kam Cindy D. and Elizabeth J. Zechmeister. 2013. "Name Recognition and Candidate Support." American Journal of Political Science 57(4): 971-986.
  • Batista, Frederico. 2013. "Women Representation, Stereotype Threat, and the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge." Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago.  
  • Kam, Cindy D. 2012. "Risk Attitudes and Political Participation." American Journal of Political
    Science 56(4): 817-836.
  • Kam, Cindy D. and Rose McDermott. “Emotions, Framing, and Decision-Making under Risk.” Working paper.
  • Merolla, Jennifer L. and Elizabeth J. Zechmeister.  2009.  “Terrorist Threat, Leadership, and Vote Choice:  Evidence from Three Experiments.”  Political Behavior 31(4):  575-600.  
  • Utych, Stephen M. "Negative Affective Language in Politics." Working Paper.
  • Utych, Stephen M. and Cindy D. Kam. "Viability, Information Seeking, and Vote Choice."
    Revise and resubmit, Journal of Politics.

The RIPS lab is located at
303 Commons Center


Department of Political Science