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Specifications and ResNet Minimum Requirements

ResNet provides a 100Mbit TCP/IP Ethernet Connection and data cable to each incoming student.

Technical information

An extended DHCP lease can be requested (you will need your VUnet ID). An extended DHCP lease can serve the same function as a Static IP address.

  • Vanderbilt's Domain Name Server (DNS) Addresses are and
  • The Gateway address wil vary depending on your location on campus. Your client must be configured by the DHCP server to function correctly.
  • ResNet protocol is TCP/IP.
  • Set your software to obtain an IP address dynamically from Vanderbilt's DHCP server.
  • The node (host) name is your VUnetID.
  • The only reliable way to configure your TCP/IP Stack is by using information from our DHCP Server.

last modified 4/13/2007

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