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CampVandy Counselors

Applicants should be enthusiastic about working with children and have a passion for youth development.

Below are the positions available for Summer 2016. To apply for any of these positions, click here.

Age Group Counselor (35-40 positions available)

  • Responsible for assisting in planning and implementing activities and experiences for children in an age group setting.
  • Responsible for the general safety and development, growth, and skill achievement of the participants in his/her group.
  • Required to assist Lead Counselors, Age Coordinators, Activity Specialists, and Assistant Director with set-up, breakdown and execution of all CampVandy activities and special events as directed.

Front Desk Supervisor

  • Responsible for assisting parents and campers at check-in each day and distributing name tags to campers.
  • Responsible for filing incident reports and communicating with the Executive Director.
  • Observe camper behavior, enforce rules and uphold safety standards and emergency procedures.
  • Greet special event guests and lead them to the appropriate location.
  • Perfect position for student that needs to study during the day!

Lead Counselor (supervisory position) (7 positions available)

  • Responsible for planning and implementing activities and experiences for children in an age group setting.
  • Responsible for keeping age group on task and on schedule throughout the camp day. This includes knowing the whereabouts of each camper and age group counselor at all time.
  • Ensures that camp areas are clean and well maintained.
  • Works closely with Camp Coordinators, Assistant Director and Executive Director and will report all information and answer all questions pertaining to their age group.

Camp Coordinators (supervisory and administrative position) (2 positions available)

  • Responsible for day to day operations of either 4-7 year old or 8-13 year old age groups.
  • Mentor and guide age group counselors and lead counselors through staff development and daily activities.
  • Ensure that all age groups are following schedule, following all camp policies and emergency procedures associated with CampVandy.
  • Assist with training and mid-summer evaluations of counselors.
  • Assist with administrative tasks such as paperwork, scheduling, special event coordination, etc.
  • Available to answer all questions from counselors and parents.
  • Work closely with Assistant Director on day to day camp operations and will report directly to Executive Director.

Activity Specialist (7 positions available)

  • Responsible for organizing and promoting activities such as arts and crafts, gym games, field house, obstacle course, music, dance and literary arts taking into account the needs and interests of individual campers.
  • Responsible for a daily curriculum and implementation of goals and objectives of recreational area.
  • Certified teachers and student seeking teaching degree in the above areas are strongly encouraged to apply.

For questions or concerns, contact our CampVandy Staff.