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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I register my child for CampVandy?
Registration for CampVandy Holiday 2015 starts November 1st. Registration for CampVandy Summer 2016 starts March 1st.  Space is limited so it is important to register soon to secure your child’s spot. We will not accept early applications.

Do you accept faxes?
No, we do not accept faxes. You must register online, send your registration in the mail or bring it in person to our office.

What age can my child participate in CampVandy?
CampVandy accepts applicants ages 4 to 13.

Is the $50.00 deposit part of the weekly rate?
Yes! We only offer the deposit option for CampVandy Summer. There is a $50.00 deposit due at the time of registration for the summer camp for each week of camp your child is registered for. This deposit will be applied to the total balance due for weeks attended, it is not an addition to the weekly fee. The $50.00 deposit will ensure your child’s spot.

Is there a deposit for the Holiday Camp during the winter?
No, full payment must be made during registration.

Are there any late fees?
Yes, there are late fees. Late fees are different for each season of camp. Please see below:

Summer Camp:

  • If you do not register for Early Care/Late Care the Friday (by noon) prior to your registered camp week, Early Care/Late Care will increase to $15 per care, per day.
  • If you do not register for individual days the Friday (by noon) prior to the camp week the individual day rate will increase to $75 per day.
  • If you do not register for the next week by the Friday (by noon) prior to the camp week, the weekly rate will increase to $190 per week for Vanderbilt Affiliates and $220 per week for Community members.
  • If you sign your child into camp before 8:30am and are not signed up for early care you will be assessed a $15 fee for early care.
  • If you do not pick your child up by 4:30p and you are not signed up for after care you will be assessed a $15 fee for after care.

Holiday Camp:

  • If you purchase early or after care the day of, each care will increase to $15 per care.
  • If you purchase individual days the day of, the daily rate will increase to $75.
  • If you sign your child into camp before 8:30am and are not signed up for early care you will be assessed a $15 fee for early care.
  • If you do not pick your child up by 4:30p and you are not signed up for after care you will be assessed a $15 fee for after care.


Why is there a late fee for early care/after care/days/weeks?

During camp we have to maintain an appropriate ratio of campers to counselors. We base staffing on how many children are signed up for cares/days/weeks ahead of time. Last minute registrations can change counselor to camper ratio thus breaking our compliance. Please register early for cares/days/weeks.

Is there a daily rate?
Yes, we offer a daily rate of $65 per day.

Is the deposit refundable or transferable?
Unfortunately, the deposit is neither non-refundable or non-transferable.

Are there any refunds for early care and after care?
Yes, we offer refunds for days that you do not use early care or after care if you inform us in advance.

Do you provide a Federal Tax ID number for CampVandy?
Yes, our Federal Tax ID Number is 62-0476822.

Are there safety requirements for picking up my child?
Yes! Because we care about the safety of your child(ren), we require a photo ID to be presented when picking up your child. Anyone who does not present their photo ID will be asked to go get their ID. Each person that is picking up a child is required to be on the child’s pick-up list. Please make sure your pick-up lists are up to date.

Do you employ Junior Counselors or Counselors in training?

No, our hiring policies are age restrictive. This does not allow us to hire or train minors.

Are the children separated into age groups?
Yes. Children are separated into age groups for age specific activities.

What is the ratio of counselors to children?
The ratio of counselors to children is dependent of factors such as but not limited to: age of children, location in facility, and activities the children are participating in.

Camp ratios are:

4-5 year olds: 1:6

6-8 year olds: 1:8

9-13 year olds: 1:10

Can I provide snacks or treats for the campers?
Due to allergy and health related issues for some campers, there is no outside food allowed at camp besides each child’s own lunch. Example: cupcakes for birthday are not allowed.

Is a discount offered for each additional child?
Discounts for an additional child are not offered at this time.

What kinds of payment are accepted and who should I make checks payable to?
We can accept cash, checks, money orders, debit / credit cards. Please make checks payable to: “Vanderbilt University

If mailing, all payments, checks and money orders must be mailed to:

Vanderbilt University Athletic Department
Dept. 1220
PO Box 121220
Dallas, TX  75312-1220

Physical Address:
Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center
2700 Children’s Way
Nashville, TN 37235

Camp Information: (615) 343-8176
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Email: campvandy@vanderbilt.edu