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Environmental Wellness is the perspective of living in harmony with the Earth. As well as, understanding the impact between nature and personal environment.

It is vital to take action in protecting the world around you and limiting the negative impacts to the environment through central elements. There are various aspects that may negatively effect our environment:

  • Air pollution
  • ultraviolet radiation in the sun, light, and chemicals
  • noise
  • water pollution
  • smoking

Living an overall healthy life requires a healthy and clean environment. It’s vital to keep your work environment and relationships comfortable, clean and organized. Respecting our atmosphere not only impacts our environment, but the community as a whole. We take responsibilities within our space, which in turn leads to being respectful of our community.


It is imperative to ensure the stability and longevity of our natural resources through simple actions such as:

  • Being resourceful in your community
  • Recycle
  • Volunteer in community
  • Conserve gas and energy
  • Speak out, don’t waste and educate yourself


The Athens News gives college students some tips on being eco-friendly and being aware of the environment.

  1. Wash clothes in cold water
  2. Protect your appliances and environment
  3. Freshen your room up naturally
  4. Choose lights wisely
  5. Buy a water filter
  6. Learn to make your own coffee

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