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WellBytes is a program offered by the Wellness Resource Center to communicate reliable information regarding food, nutrition and fitness to college students. WellBytes covers many topics that are of interest to the college population. It is fun, easy and motivating!

Here is how WellBytes works

Students will need to sign up for this program. Visit us at the VRWC Wellness Center or email us at wellness.center@vanderbilt.edu!

After signing up, each student will receive a mini message, or WellByte, monthly via email. With each email, the topic of your WellByte will change. We encourage you to print out your WellByte, hang it on your wall, and challenge yourself to incorporate the mini message into your lifestyle.

Current Issue:

*please be patient while we update.


Have ideas for topics?

Send a message to the Wellness Center! We would be happy to research it for you!