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The Wellness Center has a number of books, brochures, digital resources, and takeaways available for check-out free of charge. Stop into the WC during our open hours to register for check-out.

This is the list of our current library catalog available for online browsing. Items linked to outside website are for informational purposes only. To request brochures for your organization or department please email  jennifer.e.ray@vanderbilt.edu


General Health

“I Love Laptops. They’re Easy to Hide & Fence”

101 Reasons to Get Enough Sleep (Limited Availability)

101 Ways to Stay In Touch

5 Ways Lower Blood Pressure

5 Ways to Beat Asthma

5 Ways to Lower Blood Sugar

A Bike Is Stolen Every Minute

About Cancer Risk Factor

Adult Immunization

Alternative Health


Body Art Self-Test

Cancer Prevention (Limited Availability)

Cancer-Related Checkups (Limited Availability)

Cholesterol: Should I Worry?

Clean Air Is Up To You!

D.I.A.L. Diabetes

Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Diabetes: Should I Worry?

Diversity: The ABC’s

Explain Your Pain

Facts About… Asthma

Facts About… Chronic Bronchitis

Facts About… Cockroaches and Asthma

Facts About… Home Control of Allergies and Asthma (Limited Availability)

Facts About… How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy (Limited Availability)

First Aid And CPR Course

Flying And Airport Travel Secrets

Getting What You Want From Body Art

Getting What You Want From Sleep

Getting What You Want From Your Parents

Heart Attack (Limited Availability)

Heart Quiz

Help On The Way: Acne

Help On The Way: Asthma

Help On The Way: Bronchitis

Help on the Way: Flu

Help On The Way: Mono

Help On The Way: Sinusitis

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure And Your Kidneys

How To Make Your Heart Last A Lifetime (Limited Availability)

Incredible Body Art Facts

Incredible People Facts

Incredible Tattoo Facts

Keepin’ Clean

Living With Diabetes: Check Your Blood Sugar

Living With Diabetes: Get The Facts

Living With Diabetes: Pills And Shots

Manage Your Pain

Overactive Bladder

Pneumonia: Don’t Get It

Prediabetes Staying Healthy

Risko: A Heart Hazard Appraisal

Six Hopeful Facts About Stroke

Six Important Facts For A Healthy Heart (Limited Availability)

Six Warning Signs Of Kidney And Urinary Tract Disease

Taking Care Of Body Piercings

Taking Care Of Constipation

Taking Care Of Fatigue

Taking Care Of Basic Health Needs

Taking Care Of Heartburn Or Ulcers?

Taking Care Of Your Ankles

Taking Care Of Your Back

Taking Care Of Your Colon

Taking Care of Computer Users

Taking Care Of Your Headache

Taking Care Of Your Knees

Taking Care Of Your Neck

Taking Care Of Your Shoulders

Taking Care Of Your Skin

Taking Care Of Your Urinary Tract Infection

Taking Care Of Your Wrists And Hands

The American Heart Association Makes The Difference Between Life And Death In Tennessee

The National Kidney Foundation Of Middle Tennessee

There’s Only One American Cancer Society (Limited Availability)

Undoing Body Art

Urinary Incontinence: Treating Loss Of Urine Control

What You Can Do About Air Pollution

What You Should Know About Stroke

When Your Back Hurts

Women’s Health

A Personal Plan Of Action For Breast Health

Breast Cancer… It Touches Us All (Limited Availability)

Breast Self-Exam

Cancer Facts For Women, Assorted styles from American Cancer Society

Cholesterol And Women


Hormone Replacement Therapy

HPV & Cervical Cancer

Mammogram Get Your

National Breast Cancer Organization: Breast Cancer

Osteoporosis: Should I Worry?


Taking Care Of Your Breasts

Vanderbilt Breast Cancer: Comprehensive Breast Health Care

Why Subscribe To Women’s Vu?

Women Protect Your Heart

Women’s Health: What’s Normal, What’s Not

You Can Help Keep Your Breasts Healthy

You’re Pap Test

Men’s Health

Cancer Facts For Men (Limited Availability)

Cholesterol And Men

Let’s Talk About It: Questions and Answers About Prostate Cancer

Male Self-Exam

Men: You And Your Body

Men Protect Your Heart

Men’s Bodies Incredible Facts

Men’s Health What’s Normal What’s Not

Prostate Cancer: Now that You Know

Taking Care of Your Prostate


Back Exercises

Bikes, Blades And Boards

Facts About… Exercise And Lung Health

Getting Fit With No Time And No Money

Getting What You Want From Exercise

Help On The Way: Female Athlete Triad

Is My Weight Healthy?

Pregnancy And Fitness

Safety For Active People

Too Much Exercise?


5 Ways To Get Calcium

5 Ways To Snack Healthy

Can You Eat Healthy Try It Out

Choose And Lose Fast Food

Dieting: What’s Normal, What’s Not (Limited Availability)

Eating Well w/ No Time & No Money

Eating Vegetarian

Energy Drinks

How To Read A Food Label

Incredible Dieting Facts

Men Eating For Power

Myplate On A Budget

Myplate Vegetarian

The Fats of Life

What’s A Serving?

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco


101 Ways to Party Without Drinking

5 Smart Steps to Safer Drinking

Adult Children of Alcohol Abusers

Alcohol & HIV: Think About It

Alcohol Self-Test

Alcohol: Decisions On Tap

Be a Good Neighbor, Be a Designated Driver

Binge Drinking

Does Someone You Care about have a Problem with Drinking or Other Drugs?

Drinking & Violence

Drinking and Driving A Deadly Combination

Drinking Facts

Drinking: Decide for Yourself

Drinking: What’s Normal What’s Not

Getting What You Want from Drinking

How Can You Help A Friend With An Alcohol Or Other Drug Problem

How to Cut Down Your Drinking

How to Help a Friend With a Drinking Problem

If a Friend Drinks Too Much

What Can You Do About  Someone Else’s Drinking?


About Prescription Drugs


Now There’s A Driving Reason To Be Drug Free

Predatory Drugs Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Prescription Drug Abuse


21st Century Smoking

About Secondhand Smoke

About Spit Tobacco

Chocked on Smoke


Facts about Secondhand Smoke

Facts About Tobacco Use

Facts About… Emphysema


How to Avoid Weight Gain When Quitting Smoking

How to Help a Friend Quit

How to Stay Quit Over the Holidays

Is There a Safe Tobacco?

Plan to Quit: Nicotine Replacement

Protecting Yourself And Your Family From Secondhand Smoke

Quit Smoking. The lives You save could be Theirs

Quit The Spit

Smoke Free Your First 30 Days

Smoking and Heart Disease

Smoking Cessation Resource for Vanderbilt

Smoking Costs You

Stop Smoking… Control Your Weight

Teen Weight: Smoking’s no Diet

The Smoke Around You

The Wellness Way End The Smoking Affair

When Smokers Quit

Your Quit Smoking Diet

Sexual Health

101 High-Tech Ways To Make Love Without Doin’ It

101 Ways To Avoid HIV

101 Ways To Say No To Sex

21st Century HIV

21st Century STD

5 Smart Steps To Condoms

5 Smart Steps To Good Sex (Limited Availability)

6 Things You May Not Know About Oral Sex

9 Sexually Responsible Behaviors

Abstinence & Oral Sex

Abstinence And HIV

Be An Ally To Gays & Lesbians

Be An LGBT Ally

Being Gay/Lesbian

Birth Control Choices (Limited Availability)

Birth Control Talking With Your Partner


Chlamydia Screening

Condom Basics

Condom Self-Test

Condoms And STD

Condoms How To Use Them

Condoms Talking With Your Partner

FAQs Safer Sex (Limited Availability)

Find Your Birth Control Match

Gender Matters

Genital Warts & HPV

Getting What You Want From Sex


Hepatitis A B C’s

Hepatitis B & C (Limited Availability)


HIV After The Test

HIV Facts

HIV Fast Facts Testing

HIV Fast Facts: Condoms


Incredible Abstinence Facts

Incredible Condom Facts

Incredible Sex Facts (Limited Availability)

Incredible STD Facts

Is It Sex? Is It Safe?

It Only Takes A Minute: Condoms

Not Ready For Sex Talking With Your Partner

Options In Pregnancy (Limited Availability)

Pregnant at Vanderbilt

Safer Sex: Talking With Your Partner

Sexual Violence

STD & Oral Sex

STD Testing Stay STD Free


Transgender Understanding Gender Difference

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Your Contraceptive Choices (Limited Availability)


101 Ways To A Healthy Pregnancy

5 Baby Steps To A Healthy Pregnancy

Abnormal Pap

HPV & Cervical Cancer

HPV: About The Vaccine

If You Are A Woman… Pregnancy

If You Are A Woman…Birth Control

If You’re A Woman… STD

Now You Can Feel Even Better About Your Pap Test (Limited Availability)

The Pelvic Exam (Limited Availability)


Women: Protect Your Sexual Health (Limited Availability)

Your Pelvic Exam


Erections Should I Worry?

If You Are A Man… Abstinence

If You Are A Man… STD

If You Are A Man…Birth control

If You Are A Man…Pregnancy

Men Protect Your Sexual Health

Testicular Self Examination (Limited Availability)

Dating And Relationships

101 Things To Do On A Date

101 Reasons To Be Monogamous

5 Smart Steps To Dating Safely

5 Smart Steps To Monogamy

Acquaintance Rape

Dating Dangers

Dating What’s Normal What’s Not

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence And Counseling Services

Domestic Violence Getting Out

Domestic Violence How To Help

Domestic Violence: Who Is At Risk?

Internet Dating

Metro Nashville Police Dept.: Domestic Violence Division (Limited Availability)

Project Safe

Rape And Sexual Abuse Center: The Healing Starts Here

Self-Defense Education

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment… What It Is, What To Do

Sexual Violence

What You Need To Know About Sexual Harassment

Social and Mental Wellness

5 Smart Steps To Clear Communication

5 Smart Steps To Making Good Decisions (Limited Availability)

5 Smart Steps To Managing Anger

Anger: Express It, Don’t Repress It


Cycle Of Violence


Emotional Abuse

Falun Dafa: A Traditional Chinese Self-Cultivation Practice

Getting What You Want From Stress

Harassment Teens Talk With Teens

Hate The ABC’s

Hate Violence


Hazing: The ABC’s

Help On The Way Anxiety

Help On The Way Depression

Help On The Way OCD

Help On The Way: Panic Attacks

Helping A Friend

Making Stress Work For You

Mental Fitness: Be Emotionally Healthy in a Stressful World

Personal Power

Suicide: Who Is At Risk?

Tech Confidential What To Know

Transcendental Meditation: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Limited Availability)

Body Image

9 Inside Facts In Eating Disorders

Am I…On My Way To An Eating Disorder?

Anorexia: Am I At Risk?

Eating Disorders Coalition Of Tennessee (Limited Availability)

Eating Disorders:  What?  Why?

Help On The Way: Restrictive Eating (Limited Availability)

Is My Weight Healthy?

Preventing Eating Disorders

Don’t see what you want? Suggest a resource: Email Jennifer Ray.