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Summer Shape Up!

Coming in Summer 2014!

* 8 week goal driven program

* Practical and informative tools

* Fit for all levels,from couch potato to fitness pro!

Go ahead…

How will the WRC help me?

* Each week you will set a time goal for being active.

* We record your goal and chart your progress for you!

* Weekly WellBytes email with practical fitness and nutrition tips to keep you motivated!

You will also receive a FREE pedometer and FREE body fat assessment!

Dates and How to sign up

June 3-July 29, 2013

Visit the Wellness Resource Center!

Sign up today…the deadline is June 7th!

I have a goal now what?

Simply record your progress daily or weekly using the Summer Shape Up tickets at the front desk or via email.

We crunch the numbers while you focus on you!

Do I get anything for finishing the program?

* Swag bag of goodies

* $10 Smoothie King gift card drawing every week

* A t-shirt when you complete all eight weeks