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Biggest Winner


Our new program designed to help those who need to lose weight for their health to lose it in a healthy, fun group atmosphere!

Sign up in the Office Of Campus Recreation for your chance to lose some weight and win $100!

What: 5 week weight loss program

When: Coming in Spring 2015!

Day: Weekly workouts, nutrition discussion, and varying topics.

Cost: $50

Taught by Stephanie Kemp, Certified Personal Trainer


  1. You must be a full member of the Vanderbilt Student Recreation Center.
  2. You must have a BMI (Body Mass Index of at least 24 or up). GO to: http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ OR see the chart below to calculate your BMI.

3. You must be willing to meet once per week as a group. Mondays at 4:45pm for 5 weeks.



Completed application packet includes:

1. PAR-Q

2. Heath History

3. Completed personal information form

Please complete these forms and bring them to the Wellness Center during regular business hours.


Your goal will be to lose a percentage of body fat at a healthy rate over a five week period. You are being asked to lose what roughly correlates to 1.5 pounds to no more than 5 pounds per week. Your goal will be calculated by a Personal Trainer in the first week. We will calculate a target body weight for you obtain, based on your fat mass and your fat-free body mass calculations.

What you get

  • A weekly workout to follow (designed by a certified Personal Trainer for the group)
  • Weekly meetings with Fit Facts and real world advice to maintain your workouts
  • A Group setting to assist you in reaching your goals!
  • $100 if you meet your goal! Your original participation fee will be returned to you if you meet your goal, with an additional $50 just for you!