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Healthy Eating / Healthy Living

Did you know Vanderbilt University has been named one of the healthiest colleges in the United States?  The many healthy options available at campus eateries likely contributed to these rankings, and this page will help you find healthy choices at school or work.

Not sure where to find healthy recipes to make at home?  Summon your inner chef and search for healthy recipes, collect your favorites and create your own healthy cookbook!

Are you confused by how much is in a serving, or what an accurate portion looks like?  Check out this handy guide to portion sizes along with a link to a portable serving size card.  Test your nutrition knowledge with the Portion Distortion quiz.

Cooking at home is great, but let’s face it, regularly dining out at restaurants is a reality for many people living busy lives.  If you want to enjoy the convenience of letting someone else cook dinner without blowing your healthy eating goals, see the tips for dining out on this page.






Weighing the pros and cons of a particular diet plan?  Visit this page to see how your plan stacks up against current dietary recommendations.

Interested in watching demonstrations for healthy recipes on your own time? Check out this series of youtube videos!