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Nutrition Minute

Nutrition minute held once a week at the VRWC will offer quick tips on ways to maintain healthy eating habits.

Feel free to stop in for a minute or stay the whole time. Nutrition Minute is help in the lobby of the VRWC.

Wednesday Sept. 3rd 4 – 5 PM – Tips on Successful Weight Gain

Gaining weight for some is as challenging as losing weight for others. Yet, much less information is available on ways to add weight as opposed to losing weight.  Stop by and learn tips for healthy weight gain while tasting some quick and simple dishes that support adding weight.

Thursday Sept. 11th 8 – 9 AM – ‘In the Know’ about Juicing

Stop by this interactive presentation to learn more about the currently popular trend to ‘juice’ foods. Taste samples for alternate quick and healthy drinks.

Tuesday Sept. 16th 12:30 – 1:30 PM – Smoothie 101

We all love and enjoy smoothies but are often confused about ingredients to include in homemade or bought smoothies. Learn more about ingredient pros and cons as you taste samples and receive recipes for smoothies made with simple and readily available ingredients.

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