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Nutrition Minute

Nutrition minute held once a week at the VRWC will offer quick tips on ways to maintain healthy eating habits.

Feel free to stop in for a minute or stay the whole time. Nutrition Minute is help in the lobby of the VRWC.

Wednesday January 28, 12:30 – 1:30 PM – Sunny Beaches and Warm Sand – Healthy Snacks

While we may not be having warm beach weather, we can enjoy these healthy “beachy snacks” in our Tennessee winter. Take a moment and pretend we have our toes in warm sand…..

Tuesday February 3, 7 – 8 AM –  Power Up with these Hot Breakfast Dishes

Beat the mid-morning slump and cold weather while fueling the brain with these hot and easy to prepare power breakfasts.

Thursday February 12, 4 -5 PM –  Oh, My Love Healthy Valentine’s Day Dinner

Love your Valentine with this easy to prepare and healthy dinner. Get recipes and tips on putting this special meal together.

Thursday February 18, 1 – 2 PM – The Skinny on Heart Healthy Fats

Are all fats equal? Do some have less calories per amount than others? Which are the best for daily use? Stop by this session and get answers to these and others you might have about fat as you sample a healthy cooked item using fat.

Monday February 23, 8 – 9 AM – Welcome Hominy as a Breakfast Ingredient

Hominy is a great addition to a healthy breakfast dish. This versatile corn product is a star ingredient in hearty Hispanic dishes and scrumptious southern fare.