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SSU Weekly Challenges




Challenges start every Monday!

Share your challenge success by submitting a photo, comment, and/or details via email or Facebook.

Email: wellness.center@vanderbilt.edu

Facebook: Summer ShapeUp

Aerobics Challenge: All 10 weeks


The challenge is to incorporate group fitness classes offered at the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center into your fitness regimen. There are a variety of classes at all times and days so try them all! You earn one point per class, maximum one point per day.

Points Possible: 1/day

Week One: Walking Challenge (June 2-8)


The challenge is to set a walking goal and beat it each day.

Monday: set your base. Wear a pedometer or use a smartphone app to track how many steps you take in a day. If you took 5,000 steps today, this is your base.

Getting your base number = 1 point

Tuesday-Sunday: Beat your previous day’s steps by at least 100 steps. Each day you achieve 100 more steps = 1 point.


Monday: My base is 5,000 steps =1 pt
Tuesday: Number of steps taken: 5,100= 1 pt
Wednesday: Number of steps taken: 5,150= 0 pts.
Thursday: Number of steps taken: 5,200= 1 pt.   ……….and so on.

The goal is to walk 10,000 steps in a day. Research shows that 10,000 is the number of steps you need to take to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Be sure to post photos and comments along the way with your progress.

Points Possible: 7

Week Two: Healthy Meal Challenge (June 9-15)


The challenge is to eat a healthier meal than you normally would. If you upload a picture of your healthy meal or tell us about your healthy swap you can mark yourself as the winner. Good luck!

Points Possible: 7 (1 for each day you eat at least one healthier meal)

Week Three: Rise & Shine Challenge (June 16-22)


What better way to start your day than to get your heart pumping with a morning workout? Before you head out for your day, set aside 15 minutes and do a mini-morning workout your way! Take a photo or let us know how you met the challenge! Good luck!

Points Possible: 7

Week Four: Try Something New Challenge (June 23-29)


Go paddle boarding, try a new recipe, go horse-back riding, or try something else that you think would be fun. Snap a photo, upload a video, or simply submit a comment of the new activity that you tried!

Points Possible: 7 (1 point per activity, 7 max)

*Check out:

Nutrition Minute, June 25th, 11:30am-12:30pm, “Summer Cool Down”

Vandy Cooks, June 26th, Time TBA, “National Dairy Month with Laura Marbury”

Week Five: Home Cooking Challenge (June 30-July 6)–Half Way Reward!



Egg whites and spinach for breakfast? Did you pack a healthy lunch instead of grabbing takeout? Is your snack from your fridge and not the vending machine? Is there a recipe you’ve been dying to try?  Feel free to share your recipes and tips too!

Prepare at least one meal at home this week and earn one point per day.

Points Possible: 7

*Check out Nutrition Minute July 1st, 2-3pm, “Low in Calories but High in Nutrition”

Half-way reward!!!: Reach 45 points by July 6th and you’ll receive an email voucher from Smoothie King for a free 12 ounce smoothie! Don’t worry, we know who you are!

Week Six: Power Series Challenge (July 7-13)


  • Exercise for 30 minutes – recommended 30 minutes 4-5 times per week
  • Do resistance or weight training to strengthen muscles –recommended 30 minutes 3-4 times a week
  • Avoid the elevator –take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Stretching –spend 10 minutes stretching every day

Points Possible: 14 (receive 2 points per day when you do two or more of the above recommendations)

Week Seven: Spend Time Outdoors Challenge (July 14-20)


The challenge this week is one of fun and sun! Time to ditch the fluorescent lighting and head outdoors. Spend time outside having a picnic, playing sports, shopping the farmer’s market, or whatever strikes your fancy as long as it’s outdoors and incorporates physical, nutritional, or mind/body wellness. Don’t forget to post/send in your pictures, videos, or detailed comments!

Points Possible: 14 (2 points per day)
*If you’re looking for some outdoor adventures check out Outdoor Recreation!

Week Eight: No Dessert Challenge (July 21-27)



Refrain from having those unhealthy desserts for a week. Take pictures of or tell us what you eat instead! Need some ideas? Visit Nutrition Corner.

Points Possible: 14 (2 points per successful day!)

*Check out Nutrition Minute, July 24th, 11:30am-12:30pm, “Power Up with these Afternoon Snacks”

Week Nine: Chill out & Relax Challenge (July 28-August 3)


This week you are challenged to sll0oww down and train your mind like you have been training your body. Receive two points every day that you complete BOTH of these elements!

  • Sleep for a minimum of 7 hours

  • Dedicate 10 minutes to relaxation: This can be achieved through mediation, silent personal time, or doing a relaxing activity like a crossword puzzle or craft. Avoid electronic use during your relaxation time.

Share your method of relaxation and good night’s sleep for the day with a photo or detailed comment.

Points Possible: 14

*Check out Nutrition Minute, July 28th, 4-5pm, “Can Ergonomic Aids Enhance Performance”

Week Ten: Reinvent Your Workout Challenge (August 4-10)


What better way to spice up your routine than a friendly challenge? Try a workout that you’ve never done before like going for a run on a different trail, trying a yoga class, using hand weights at your desk, going inner tubing, or doing any other activity you’ve been meaning to try out, but haven’t been able to squeeze in. Take pictures, videos, or leave a comment letting everyone know how you’ve reinvented your workout. Each participant who reinvents their workout wins!

Points Possible: 14 (2 points per day that you try something new)

Grand Prize winners announced soon! If you have completed each challenge, you will be contacted via email with instructions to claim your prize!

If you have questions, please contact:

Jennifer Ray